As we further our mission to “champion the little films,” we are (super) excited to be launching our online VIMOOZ cinema showcase / movie-on-demand for independent films, documentary and foreign films.

We are now accepting filmmaker submissions of feature length films (minimum of 55 minutes) in any genre. We intend to add short films in the near future. All films participate in generous revenue share and are eligible to compete for Jury Awards and/or Audience Awards (see more information below) with cash prizes.

Films are streamed on our site any may be removed at the filmmaker’s request at any time, however this may affect your eligibility for awards and prizes.

Filmmakers are encouraged to tie-in additional related products including DVDs and merchandise to leverage interest in their film.

General Information

⊕ Your film receives a complete film profile with *trailer. (All film listings must include a trailer)

⊕ In addition to streaming/movie-on-demand, you can make money on your film via DVD; or related merchandise (t-shirts, etc.)

⊕ Set your own price. For movie-on-demand, all films are priced for 48 hour viewing.

⊕ For Streaming, you keep 75% of the movie on demand sales.

⊕ For DVD and merchandise transactions, we will take and process the order transaction – you will receive automatic notification, and will be responsible for shipping the DVD or merchandise to the customer. There are NO upfront or listing fees, you keep 90% of the DVD and other merchandise sales.

⊕ Receive instant real-time notification of all transactions via email and in your filmmaker dashboard.

⊕ Receive payments on a monthly (at the end of each month) schedule. 

⊕ Streaming/Movie-on-demand compatible with TV, mobile, and tablet

Security for Streaming

Our videos are secured using a combination of streaming the video files plus adding end to end encryption. Such protection is supported by HLS protocol – the HLS stream is encrypted. Even if you are able to download the movie, you will only see a black screen


HLS (HTTP Live Stream) is a streaming protocol developed by Apple Inc. mainly for their iOS devices and Safari browser. The protocol is also supported by video players with Flash engine fallback, on newer Android devices (introduced in 3.0 – Honeycomb) and with the use of HLS.js, on all browsers that use the MSE specification. 

Awards & Prizes

Audience Awards

( all films are eligible to compete for this annual award based solely on viewers votes/feedback/reviews)

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Foreign Language (Non-English Speaking) Film
  • Best International (Non-US Production) Film
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Drama
  • Best LGBT Film

Jury Awards

(annual award open to films made for under $1 million dollars, and listed on the site for a minimum of 90 days, released in last 2 years, are eligible to compete for this award )

Nominations are submitted in November
Finalist are announced in December
Winners are announced in January

  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Performance (Actor/Actress)
  • Best Ensemble
  • Best Writing / Story
  • Best Editing

Rules & Terms

Filmmakers must agree to our terms and conditions.

Non-English language Films (the original version of the film is in a language other than English) must include subtitles.

Get Started

Create an account and select “I want to create a Filmmaker Account”

Submit the film details

You will receive separate emails on how to upload the film and trailer (your film must have a trailer)