Belonging (Aidiyet)

Belonging (Aidiyet)


DIRECTOR(S): Burak Çevik

STARRING: Eylül Su Sapan, Çaglar Yalçinkaya

GENRE: Crime Film

SYNOPSIS: A murder investigation is flipped inside out in Burak Cevik’s second feature, a spellbinding and surprising work that questions whether we can ever truly understand criminal motives. We begin in the present, as two young murder suspects give statements to the police, their voices accompanying hauntingly vacant images of urban alienation and garish city lights; we then flash back to witness the first encounter between the two suspects, their mutual attraction and world-weariness emerging across a sleepless night and morning after. Cevik imbues the proceedings with a stylistic confidence and willingness to bend the conventions of cinematic form to arrive at a complex, gripping double meditation on love and death.