High Life


DIRECTOR(S): Glen Dolman and Luke Eve

STARRING: Lily Hatwell, Ezekiel Simat, Di Adams

GENRE: Drama Film

SYNOPSIS: Genevieve, a very sensible, creative and overachieving 17-year-old student in a respectable, middle class family, seems to be having the perfect ride, until her sanity spectacularly unravels in her manic episode of Bipolar Disorder.

Claire Denis

Filmmaker Claire Denis to Receive 2018 Roger Ebert Golden Thumb Award

Claire Denis, the award-winning creator of Beau travail, 35 Shots of Rum, Nenette and Boni, Chocolat, and this year’s High Life — which is premiering at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival — has been named the recipient of the fifth annual Roger Ebert Golden Thumb Award.