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HONG KONG - SEPTEMBER 28: Actor Hugh Jackman holds the dragon pearl at Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance Festival on September 28, 2015 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In the 19th century the people in the village of Tai Hang miraculously stopped a plague with a fire dragon dance. It has become a annual tradition, where up to 300 performers dance the fire dragon, made up of 72,000 sticks of burning incense and a 67-metre-long dragon, through the narrow streets of Tai Hang. (Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images for Hong Kong Images)

Hugh Jackman Dances with the Fire Dragon in Hong Kong

Award-winning actor Hugh Jackman is visiting Hong Kong during Mid-Autumn Festival to promote his latest film, “Pan”. During his stay, Jackman visited one of the oldest neighborhoods, Tai Hang, and experience the most authentic cultural heritage with around 100 years of history – Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance. Being the first international star participating in this festivity, Jackman was honored with a leading role of the parade by holding the Fire Dragon pearl.