Sanctorum (2019)


DIRECTOR(S): Joshua Gil. Mexico

STARRING: Erwin Antonio Pérez Jiménez, Nereyda Pérez Vásquez, Virgen Vázquez Torres, Javier Bautista González, Damián Dositelo Martínez Vásquez, Ofelia Díaz Gómez, Medardo Díaz Gutiérrez.

GENRE: Drama Film

SYNOPSIS: In a small, forgotten town surrounded by tree-covered mountains lives a small boy and his mother. Traditional life in the town has been uprooted ever since it got caught in the crossfire of the war between the military and the cartels. With few opportunities for work and not enough money to move somewhere else, the mother cultivates marijuana for the cartels. One day, she does not return from work. Struck with grief, the grandmother tells the little boy to go into the forest and pray to the sun, the wind, and the water so that they will return his mother unharmed. As the soldiers arrive and the villagers prepare for their last stand, the awesome power of nature manifests itself.