Slay The Dragon (2019)


DIRECTOR(S): Chris Durrance, Barak Goodman

GENRE: Documentary Film

SYNOPSIS: This chilling political doc is not only one of the most important films to see at the fest, it’s also somehow one of the most invigorating, especially for us Michiganders. The dragon here is the crazy shapes made on maps by the corrupt practice of gerrymandering, when one political party draws redistricting lines to help ensure future elections go in their favor. Beginning with a dive into the (still ongoing) Flint water crisis, Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance trace how “packing” and “cracking” leads to marginalized communities, discriminatory laws, state-wide emergencies, and politicians who no longer work for the people. Why would they when they are guaranteed re-election? But the film also features the slayers, ordinary folks working to put the power back in the hands of the people, such as Michigan’s Katie Fahey, whose grassroots Voters Not Politicians won the battle with Prop 2, and could help set us on a path to win the war. Whether or not you are already familiar with this paramount issue, you won’t want to miss this simply stirring film about the fight for fair elections in America.