Time Out Of Mind

Time Out Of Mind


DIRECTOR(S): Oren Moverman

STARRING: Jena Malone, Richard Gere, Danielle Brooks, Jeremy Strong, Peter Mark Kendall, Colman Domingo

GENRE: Drama Film

SYNOPSIS: A seemingly “normal” man is homeless on the streets of New York, or, as he insists, “between living arrangements.” We simply follow him as he struggles to find stability and restore his relationship with his estranged daughter. Richard Gere gives perhaps the greatest performance of his storied career as George: haunted, haunting, proud, ashamed, unbroken, broken. But Gere is much more than just the star of the film; as a producer he shepherded the project for years to ensure it would be made, and helped convince Sarasota Alumnus Oren Moverman to direct. His instincts were well rewarded; it’s difficult to imagine another American director that would take so much time and care to put the audience in front of the character; to compel the audience to actually see the character, and even to enter into his daily existence alongside him. Ben Vereen is given his most textured role in years, and his sensitive performance reminds us why he’s a legend. And Jena Malone is excellent as well, continuing her run of powerful performances. It’s one of the best films you’ll see all year.