XY Chelsea (2019)


DIRECTOR(S): Tim Travers Hawkins

STARRING: Chelsea Manning, Nancy Hollander, Vincent J. Ward

GENRE: Documentary Film

SYNOPSIS: Chelsea Manning, the former soldier who in 2010 uploaded thousands of documents to WikiLeaks, disclosing to the world that war crime atrocities were occurring in Iraq. The film picks up Manning’s story just as she’s been pardoned by President Obama, having served seven of her thirty-five year prison sentence. Considering her roles as whistleblower, trans woman, and activist, the film follows her for two years, unravelling her complicated and sometimes harrowing history and wondering what’s next in her uncertain future.

The Big House by by Kazuhiro Soda, Markus Nornes and Terri Sarris

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 Announces Lineup

Sheffield Doc/Fest announces the line-up of 180+ documentary features and shorts for its 26th edition, which runs from 6 to 11 June, 2019, under the tagline “Ways of Seeing”.