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BLUE Ocean Film Festival announced the finalists of the 2010 film competition. All Finalist films will be screened during the Festival (August 24 – 29) in one of the 6 Monterey Peninsula theater venues in Monterey, California.


Big Sur: Wild California | National Geographic TV
Humpback from Fire to Ice | Michelle Addington
Into The Dragon’s Lair | NHU Africa
Orca Killing School | National Geographic TV
Strange Days On Planet Earth: Dirty Secrets | Sea Studio Foundation / National Geographic TV

Honorable Mention

Chef’s A Field: Old Salts Young Guns | Warner Hanson TV
The Farallon Islands: California’s Galapagos | Quest/KQED

Children’s Programming

Aquateam/Free Diving | Arcadia Entertainment
Aquateam/ROV | Arcadia Entertainment
Slime, Snot, Guts | Children’s BBC & Digital Dimensions Australia
The Krill is Gone | Deep Green Films Ltd.
The Reef’s Got Talent | Children’s BBC & Digital Dimentions Australia

Honorable Mention

Sea Adventure | Fortes, McLitus, Weiting, Lukowski

Dot Docs

Humbolt Squid: An invader in the Sea of Cortez | RTSea Productions
My Pod | Franks & Associates
What Children Know | Blue Voice
Willem & the Whales | MMCTA
Yao Ming-Shark Fin Soup | Wild Aid
History Revealed | Waitt Expeditions Series

Honorable Mention

Arctic Summer Sea Ice: It’s Melting! | RTSea Productions
He Heard the Dolphin’s Cry | Blue Voice
Requiem for the Orcas | Blue Voice
Shark Ecotourism at Isla Guadalupe | RTSea Productions
Disappering Dolphins | Earth Ocean Media

Emerging Underwater Filmmaker

In the Eye of the Whale | MMCTA
In the Wake of Giants | Akua Films
Where the Whales Sing | Andrew Stevenson

Honorable Mention

Invasion Azul (Blue Invasion) | Arnaldo Diaz
Leatherback | Clay Wiseman
Life By The Tide | Joshua Cassidy

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