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Starring Gigi Erneta with John Schneider and William Devane

New Orleans local land surveyor Rodney Ray’s second major film, “Flag of My Father” featuring renowned actors William Devane and John Schneider, will be screened at the Big Easy International Film Festival in New Orleans.

The  film, which was produced and shot in northeastern Louisiana, revolves around a U.S. military nurse who serves in Iraq and struggles to convince her older siblings to let her have the flag from her father’s casket.

John Schneider plays a drunken, civilian brother of a military nurse who ridicules her service and close bond with their father. The nurse uses her faith to cope with post-traumatic stress and jealous rivalry between herself and her brothers. Devane plays the former military father who reunites with his Marine Corps regiment. Before his death he attempts to reunite his children.

Ray’s first project was a short eight-minute film titled “Mumbai Baby.” His second project was “Desires of the Heart,” a 45-minute film about the conflict between two fraternal twin brothers and loosely paralleled to the biblical story of two feuding brothers, Cain and Abel.

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