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Over 200 films were submitted for the 2011 Derby City Film Festival which takes place February 18th – 20th, 2011. From those submissions, 41 were selected for competition and will be screened during the three day festival. Finally, 11 films were handed to the jury for award consideration in three categories; Feature Film, Short Film and Documentary Film.

The finalists in the Feature Film category are:

“Almost Nothing Good Happens”, Kentucky – Directed by Tom Whitus
“Hell is Full”, Kentucky – Directed by Steve Hudgins
“Hitting the Nuts”, Ohio – Directed by Joe Boyd

The Documentary Film finalists are:

“Miracle on 42nd Street, New York New York”, California – Directed by Jerri Sher
“The Very Worst Thing”, Kentucky – Directed by Michael Crisp
“Our House”, New York – Directed by Greg King

Finalists in the Short Film category include:

“K”, Kentucky – Directed by Nate Morguelan
“Meth”, Ohio – Directed by Michael Maney
“Red Princess Blues”, California – Directed by Alex Ferrari
“The Escape”, Switzerland – Directed by Rajko Jazbec
“Two Men, Two Cows, Two Guns”, Canada – Directed by Pardis Parker

The nominees for Best Actor are:

Scott Davis – “Almost Nothing Good Happens”, Kentucky
Dan Davidson – “Meth”, Ohio
Larry Strauss – “White Knuckles”, California
Richard Tyson – “Red Princess Blues”, California
Nicholas Levonte Roberson – “The Singer”, Illinois

The Best Actress nominees include:

Martie Ashworth – “White Knuckles”, California
Ariel Rose – “Marble Rye”, Missouri
Tabitha Morella – “Red Princess Blues”, California
Sebrina Siegel – “Remaindered”, California
Stephanie Brait – “Meth”, Ohio

In addition to the jury scores, each audience member will be able to vote on their favorite film in each category and the total votes will comprise 1/5 of the final score. Film and acting awards will be given out following the festival conclusion. There will also be an “Audience Choice” award given out, which all films are eligible for consideration.

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