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Donald Trump is making more news, this time with a new Scottish documentary coming out that paints a pretty negative picture of the tycoon.

The film, You’ve Been Trumped, directed by the Scottish filmmaker Anthony Baxter, premiered at the Toronto Hot Docs Festival, which is still running. It follows the process of Trump trying to build a golf course in the lovely seaside village of Balmedie, Scotland, where the sport was reportedly born. He runs up against a local farmer who refuses to sell his land, and subsequently wages war against him. Baxter delves into the conflict, apparently at the risk of angering authorities, as he was arrested at one point for trespassing.

The Edinburgh Film Festival actually rejected the film, deeming it too “racy,” but Baxter raised money online and is now pitching the film to U.S. distributors. The doc also boasts a score by Jonsi, the lead singer of Sigur Ros.

This new documentary gives a glimpse of what Donald Trump looks and acts like in the face of adversity; a symbolic story of strong rural residents standing against the ruthless American capitalism that tries to exploit their land. But more than just being symbolic, Baxter hopes to illustrate a very real side of Trump that Americans may not know exists, and realizes the timeliness of the film coinciding with Trump’s new political aspirations.



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