From August 12-18, 2011, the 7th HollyShorts is showcasing 300 short form projects including short films, music videos, web series, and commercials. The full lineup has been released and includes the premiere of acclaimed writer Jamie Linden (Dear John, We Are Marshall) short film “The Envelope in the Glovebox” which he used to pitch into the star-studded feature film adaptation Ten Year, that stars Channing Tatum, Kate Mara, Rosario Dawson, Justin Long, Anthony Mackie, and Scott Porter. “The Envelope in the Glovebox” written and directed by Linden will be featured at the HollyShorts opening night celebration at Arclight Hollywood, Thursday August 11.

Also joining Linden in the festival’s opening night celebration is Jacob Chase’s short film “After-School Special” which was written by Neil Labute (In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty), and produced by Andrew Carlberg. At HollyShorts opening night, the festival will also present Labute with a special Maverick Filmmaker Award. His short film “Sexting” will screen during the festival.

The opening night celebration will also honor the award-winning production team of Kevin Chinoy and Francesca Silvestri with the inaugural HollyShorts Maverick Producer’s Award and feature a screening of their top shorts including Kristen Kiwi Smith’s “The Spleendectomy,” starring Anna Faris, Jennifer Aniston and Andrea Buchanan’s “Room 10;” Jennifer Aniston’s “Free Burma,” starring  Woody Harrelson; Kate Hudson’s “Cutlass,” starring Dakota Fanning, Virgina Madsen, Kurt Russell, and Kirsten Stewart; and Sean Baker, Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano’s hit “Greg The Bunny.”

HollyShorts will also showcase two Oscar® winning short films Luke Matheny’s God of Love (Best Short Film, Live Action winner) and Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan’s The Lost Thing (Best Animation winner) .

This year’s in competition short films includes top talent and recognizable stars such as: Jason Ritter, Bobby Canavale (The Other Guys), Alicia Witt (Friday Night Lights),  Anthony Michael Hall (The Dark Knight), Dante Basco (First Glance),  Beau Bridges (Max Payne) Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker), Carla Gugino (Watchmen), David Morse (The Green Mile),  Devon Gummersall (Independence Day), Ernie Hudson (Ghost Busters), Gil Bellows (Unthinkable),  Hector Elizondo (Monk),  Jackie Harris (Yes Man),  Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine), Joel Edgerton (Warrior), Rider Strong (Boy Meets World), David Dastmalchian (Sushi Girl),  Jon Huertas (Castle),  Robin Wright Penn (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Tom Arnold (Roseanne), Paul Ben Victor, Tom Hardy (Dark Knight Rises), Victor Rasuk (How To Make it America).

This year’s festival programs will include such genres as: Animation, Family, Horror, Drama, Thriller, Romance, Action, Experimental, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Web Series, Commercials and Music Videos.

Below is the lineup of the accepted short form projects in competition at the 7th Annual HollyShorts Film Festival.


“¡UNA CARRERITA, DOCTOR!” by Julio O. Ramos- USA          

“5 Minutes Each” by Vojin Vasovic-Canada      

“52” by Josh Levy-Canada        

“6Gun” by Hebron Simckes-Joffe-USA 

“8 BITS” by Valere Amirault-France       

“A Made Man” by Eric B. Fleischman-USA        

“A Nice Old-Fashioned Romance” by Ara Soudjian-USA

“A Reuben By Any Other Name” by Jeremy Lann-USA   

“A Taste of Love” by Chase Weston-USA         

“After The Denim” by Gregory D. Goyins and Scott Rosenfelt-USA       

“After You Left” by Jef Taylor-USA      

“Agent 6” by Jason Kent Carpenter-USA

“Ajumma!  Are You Krazy???” by Brent Anbe-USA        

“Alambamento” by Mário Bastos-USA  

“All American Tooles” by M. David Melvin-USA 

“Angrophobia, Stupid” by Josh Burk”-USA       

“Apocalypse Story” by Jeffrey P. Nesker-Canada         

“Apples” by Gary Perez-USA    

“Appleton” by Jimmy Costa-USA          

“Appy Ever After” by Rupert Le Poer Trench-Australia   

“Augenblicke” by Martin Bargiel-Germany         

“AyA” by Michael Walker-Japan

“Baby” by Daniel Mulloy-UK     

“Babyland” by Marc Fratello-USA         

“Balzan’s Contract” by Armand Attard-UK         

“Bathing & the Single Girl” by Christine Elise McCarthy-USA      

“Bear Force One” by Andy Mogren-USA

“Ben is Back” by Elad Zakai-Israel        

“Benny” by Huay-Bing Law-USA

“Big Country Blues” by Brian Ross-USA

“Blink” by Alka Joshi and Yoni Klein-USA         

“Blink” by Rick Rosenthal-USA 

“Blood Ties” by Ken Ochiai-USA          

“Bloodtraffick” by Jennifer Thym-China

“Book Club” by Kate Yorga-Canada     

“Break” by Ray Pang-Singapore

“Brother Rob” by Sofian Khan-USA       

“Bullies On Vacation” by Devon Gummersall-USA         

“Burden” by Michael David Lynch-USA 

“Byron” by Yolande Geralds-USA         

“Certified” by Luke Guidici-USA

“Checkpoint” by Ruben Amar-USA       

“Choke” by Michelle Latimer-Canada    

“City of Murals” by Ricky Rose-USA    

“Clara’s Carma by Robert Brinkmann-USA        

“Clay” by David Kashkooli-USA

“Close.” by Tahir Jetter-USA    

“Clubscene: The Bartenderer” by Adriano Valentini-Canada        

“ColourBleed” by Peter Szewczyk-UK    

“Cookie” by Enuka Okuma-USA

“CRUSH” by Matthew A. Brown-Germany          

“Dark Side of the Lens” by Mickey Smith-UK    

“Dead in the Room” by Adam Pertofsky-USA   

“Desire” by Eric Heights-USA   

“Devolution: Reckoning” by Gavin Heffernan-USA        

“Dollhouse” by Shabnam Piryaei-USA  

“Double Black” by Sara Woomer-USA  

“DreamGiver” by Tyler Carter-USA        

“Ellen” by Hausmann-Stokes-USA        

“En Heritage” by Reda Mustafa-France 

“Endgame” by Wim Vanacker-France   

“Escape Of The Gingerbread Man!!!” by Tod Polson-USA         

“ESHA” by Reza Dahya-Canada

“Ex-Sex” BY Michael Mohan-USA        

“Extraordinary Feats of the Seventh Period” by Will Bridges-UK

“Fallout” by Paul DeNigris-USA

“First Dates” by Sam Wasserman-USA 

“Fit to be Tied” by Alex Feldman-USA  

“Follow Me” by Valen Hernandez-USA  

“For my dad…” by Brandon Smith-USA

“Fully Famous” Tony Davison-Australia

“Fun House” by Daniel Mitchell-USA     

“Ghost Perv” by Tyson Persall-USA     

“God of Love” by Luke Matheny-USA   

“GoldenBox” by Matt MacDonald-USA 

“Good Morning, Beautiful” by Todd Cobery-USA          

“Great American Pigeon Race” by Diane Namm-USA    

“Gus” by Andrew Martin-Australia         

“Hairpin” by Laura Scrivano-Australia    

“Happenchance” by Thomas Michael-Canada    

“Hear Me” by Kenn Michael-USA          

“Him Himself” Pierre Dawalibi-Lebanon 

“Hollow” by Rob Sorrenti-UK    

“Hollywood Superhero” by Jonathan Pezza-USA

“House Paintings” by Joel Maguen-USA

“How To Eat Bacon” by Lea W Dizon-USA        

“Imbalance” by R.B.  Ripley-USA         

“Incarnate” by JorDan Fuller-USA         

“John Doe Short Film” by Shawnette Heard-USA          

“Just the 2 of Us” by Mat Brooks-UK   

“Karim” by Carl Seaton-USA    

“Karl Dahl and the Golden Cube” by Chris Olsen- USA  

“Kavi” by Gregg Helvey-USA   

“Knight to D7” by Nathan Scoggins-USA          

“Last Lonely Saturday” by Seth Craven-USA     

“Lavan” by Guilhad Emilio  Schenker-Israel       

“Left in the Desert” by Nick Novicki-USA          

“Lest We Forget” by Chris Godfrey-Australia     

“Letter from Lorca” by Gregory Torrillo-USA      

“Lift” by Ann Marie Allison-USA

“Little Larry” by Jill Carter-Canada         

“Lone” by Jon Huertas-USA     

“Love Is Retarded” by Bill Escudier-USA          

“Lucky Boy” by Thor Gold-USA

“Match” by Kate Barker-Froyland-USA  

“Maybe…” by Pedro Resende-Portugal

“McCracken Live!” by Andrew Moorman-USA    

“Misdirection” by Doron Kipper-USA     

“Mother of Pearl” by Roger Nelson-Australia     

“Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room” by Mike Le Han-UK

“My Undeadly” by Dave Reda-USA      

“Nice Tie, Italiano!” by Evan Hart-USA  

“Night Window” by Manuel Figueroa-USA         

“Nobody But Her” by Phillip Jordan-USA          

“November & Sebastian” by Vancouver Film School-Canada     

“Nowhere Road” by Benjamin Dynice-USA        

“Panic, Fear: Part One” by John Francis Conway-USA   

“Paper Flower” by Brent Green-USA     

“Patient Zero” by Jacob Chase-USA     

“Penny” by Benj Thall-USA       

“Pepper” by Kim Noonan-USA 

“Phoebe” by Matt Blundell-USA

“Photographs” by Brendan Clogher-USA          

“Pillow Talk” by John Wynn-USA          

“Pizzangrillo” by Marco Gianfreda-Italy 

“Protect The Nation” by C. R. Reisser-Germany 

“Puntu” by Eva Gallego Valdes-Spain  

“Purple Flowers” by Julian Ryan-Australia         

“Rape Kit” by Bryan Loudon-USA         

“Red Moon” by Jimmy Marble-USA      

“Revolution” by Abdi Nazemian-USA    

“RITA” by Antonio Piazza-Italy  

“Roid Rage” by Ryan Lightbourn-USA  

“Roshambo Apocalypse” by Samir Salem-USA

“Rumbleseat” by Michael Roberts- Canada 

“Satan Since 2003” by Carlos Puga-USA          

“Sati” by Heather de Michele-USA        

“Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother” by Greg Williams-UK       

“Seven Layer Dip” by Monique Ganderton-USA

“Sexting” by Neil Labute-USA   

“Seymour Sally Rufus by Cindy Baer-USA        

“Shadows” by Nuno Dias-Portugal       

“Shuffle” by Garrett Bennett-USA         

“Sin World” by Siu Lung Lee-China       

“Sissy” by Bonnie Root-USA   

“Snovi” by Reshad Kulenovic-USA       

“Sold” by John Irwin-USA        

“Solitude” by Timothy Lems-UK

“Source” by Will Simmons-USA

“Spit” by Benjamin Hayes-USA

“St. Christophorus: Roadkill” by Gregor Erler-Germany  

“Stanley Pickle” by Vicky Mather-UK    

“Stasis” by Christian Swegal- USA       

“Stork” by Erik Sandoval-USA 

“Strange Thing Happens” by Martin Toro-USA   

“Stupid Question” by Jessie Kahnweiler- USA   

“Sudden Death!” by Adam Hall-USA     

“Suffer” by Kimani Ray Smith-Canada  

“Sugartown” by JT Mollner-USA

“Sweepers” by Justin Davey- USA       

“Tattoo” by Paul Helin- Finland 

“Tchang” by Gonzalo Visedo & Daniel Strombeck- Spain      

“Tell-Tale” by Greg Williams- UK

“Temazcal” by Daniel Holechek-USA    

“Text” by Josh Russell-USA     

“The Ally” by Slobodan Gajic-USA       

“The Barber of Birmingham:  Foot Soldier of the Civil Rights Movement”-by Robin Fryday and Judith Helfand-USA         

“The Birds Upstairs” by Christopher Jarvis- USA

“The Board Meeting” by Maggie Franks- USA   

“The Bullet Catcher” by Jonathan Thompson-USA         

“The Dancer” by Seth Stark”- USA        

“The Enemy Within” by John Kennedy- USA     

“The Gadfly by Stev Elam-USA

“The Haymaker” by Daniel D’Alimonte- Canada 

“THE HO DOWN” by Daniel Campos- USA       

“The House I Keep” by Jhene Erwin- USA         

“The Intern” by Bryan DeGuire- USA     

“The Last King Blood” by Jonathan Vender-USA

“The Life Smugglers” by David W. Wells- USA  

“The Lost Thing” Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan-Australia     

“The Maiden and The Princess” by Ali Scher-USA         

“The Man Who Knew How To Fly” by Robi Michael- USA

“The Man Who Talked To His Bulb by Ari Dassa- USA   

“The NInjews: ‘Goy-L’ Trouble” by Josh Bass- USA       

“The Notice” by Sonny Saito-USA        

“The Novel” by Paolo Licata-Italy          

“The Pact” by Nicholas McCarthy- USA

“The Pond” by Dan Hannon-USA           

“The Process” by Nathan Boey-Canada

“The Proposition” by Edward Stein- USA          

“The Road Home” by Rahul Gandotra- UK         

“The Room at the Top of the Stairs” by Briony Kidd- Australia   

“The Salesman” by Mike Testin- USA    

“The Small Assassin” by Chris Charles-USA      

“The Thing That Happened” by Andrew Walton- USA     

“The Vacuum Kid” by “Katharine Mahalic-USA   

“The Virgin Forest” by Brian O’Hare- USA          

“The Wait” by Ron Hamad- USA

“The Winking Boy” by Marcus Dineen-Australia 

“Their Eyes Were Watching Gummy Bears” by Raafi Rivero-USA

“There’s Something About Barry” by Peter Vass- USA   

“Thief” by Julian Higgins-USA  

“Three Guys and a Couch” by Adam Ward- USA

“Tilt-A-World” by Al Thompson- USA     

“Time For Change” by James Cunningham- New Zealand

“Time Freak” by Andrew Bowler- USA   

“Touch” by Jen McGowan-USA

“Trixie” by Dave Kebo-USA      

“True Love” by Al Lewis- USA  

“Two Lives for Antonio Espinosa” by Rodrigo Fonseca- Brazil   

“Vincent Minor – The Trap Official Music Video” by Chris Coats- USA     

“Wanting Alex” by Chris Akers- USA     

“We Shall Not Be Moved: The Nashville Sit-Ins” by Dave Porfiri-  USA   

“While God is watching us” by Stefano Cipani- USA      

“White Horse” by Michael Graham- USA

“Will You Marry Me” by Adam Christian Clark- USA       

“‘Women'” by Kyle  Gilbertson- USA     

“Worm” by Ryan Vernava- UK  

“Worn” by Marc Carlini- USA    

“Yearbook” by Carter Smith- USA        

“Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl'” by Tiffany Shlain- USA          

“An Evening With My Comatose Mother” by Jonathan Martin-USA          

“Dissection Of A Storm” by Julio Soto-Spain    

“Estás Segura Conmigo” by Eric Yang-USA     

“Fistful of Sandwich” by Philippe Leone-UK        

“Five Second Short Films”-USA

“I Met A Girl, Ask Me How!” by Vanessa Newell – USA

“Matisyahu Short Doc Project” by Michael Thelin-USA   

“Me and The Chef” by Emily Cho – USA         

“Spice It Up!” by Feodor Chin-USA       

“Stalked” by Matthew Irving-USA          

“The Blue Wall” by Dave Rodgriguez – USA     

“The Kid” by Madeline Puzzo – USA   


“20 Minutes of Oxygen” by Mike Jackson-Canada

“Cold Star” by Kai Stänicke-Germany

“Das Racist-‘Who’s That? Broown!” by Thomas De Napoli-USA

“David Berkeley-‘Some Kind of Cure'” by Greg Murnion-USA

“Demolition Disco-Big Mama” by Maximilian Gerlach-Germany

“Kaizers Orchestra: Hjerteknuser” by Thomas Berg-Norway

“La Semaine Prochaine” by Bailey Kobe and Mona Khun-USA

“Lowlight – ‘Wake'” by John Charter-USA

“Murder ‘No room For Mistakes'” by William Stahl-Denmark

“Rocky Rivera ‘Trick Habit'” by Patricio Ginelsa-USA

“Save The Last Chord” by Marc Ruiz-USA

“Shot Me in the Heart Music Video” by David Wong-USA

“Simoom – ‘Cutting Seams'” by Sean McCarthy-USA

“Sleeping with Frank” by Lily Baldwin-USA

“‘So Petty’ by Everything Under EU” by Rishi Ganju and Benjamin Zuiker-USA

“Text Message: A Love Story” by Lindsay Rosenberg-USA

“The Sting by 8STOPS7” by Edgar Santos-USA

“WhoMadeWho ‘Every Minute Alone'” by William Stahl-Denmark


“‘FACE OFF’/ Reebok commercial” by Neil Payne-USA

“Freaky Old Man” by Imani Shakur-USA

“Halo Seals” by Jorge Marcial-USA

“Miller Lite Scarf” by Brandon Robinson-USA

“Post-Mortem” by Ezra Stanley-USA

“Quicken Loans – Thanks A Million” by Marc Ruiz-USA

“The Aerialist” by Mollye Asher-USA

“Traveler” by Ezra Stanley-USA

“Your Shape” by Lesley Lopez-USA


“Casual: The Series” by Jay Diaz-USA

“Fish Out Of Water: Joyride” by Ben Barnes-USA

“GUN PAW” by Eric Coppa-Cross-USA

“Lenox Avenue” by Al Thompson-USA

“Mobsters Episode 4: ‘Carmine or Brian?'” Jeremy Foley”-USA

“Santa Preys for X-mas” by D.J. Markuson-USA

“Twenty Something Ninja Turtles” by Pedro Castro-USA

“Tilt-A-World” by Al Thompson-USA


“Deader Living” by Destin Pfaff

“Puppet Suicide” by Peter Gilroy

“Revenge of the Nerds” by Malcolm Barrett

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