“The Rum Diary” starring BIFF’s 2009 Career Achievement tributee and Bahamian home owner, Johnny Depp, will open the 8th Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) on Thursday, December 1st while sports dramedy “Breakaway” starring Rob Lowe will close the festival on Sunday, December 4th.

This year, the Festival, which takes place December 1-4, 2011 in Nassau, will showcase 68 films from 33 different countries, including 42 features of which several are international premieres and all are Bahamian premieres. The four competition categories at BIFF are Spirit of Freedom: Narrative; Documentary; New Visions; First Look; and Short Film. Special sections include Caribbean and Environmental sidebars as well as a World Cinema showcase.

The official BIFF lineup is comprised of the following films: 


MOTHERS (Macedonia) / Director: Micho Manchevski

MAYA (Albania) / Director: Pluton Vasi

WHERE THE ROAD MEETS THE SUN (USA/Singapore/Indonesia) / Director: Mun Chee Yong

BETTER MUS’ COME (Jamaica) / Director: Storm Saulter

VIPS (Brazil) / Director: Toniko Melo


MARATHON BOY (USA/UK/India) / Director: Gemma Atwal

ZERO PERCENT (USA) / Director: Tim Skousen

FAMBUL TOK (USA) / Director: Sara Terry

GIVE UP TOMORROW (USA / UK) / Director: Michael Collins

DONOR UNKNOWN (UK) / Director: Jerry Rothwell


BRINGING UP BOBBY (USA) / Director: Famke Janssen

YELLING TO THE SKY (USA) / Director: Victoria Mahoney

JE T’AIME I LOVE YOU TERMINAL (Israel) / Director: Dani Menkin

RESTLESS CITY (USA) / Director: Andrew Dosunmu

WITHOUT (USA) / Director: Mark Jackson

LOVE.NET (Bulgaria) / Director: Ilian Djevelekov


FACE TO FACE (Australia) / Director: Michael Rymer

SAVAGE (Sweden) / Director: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson

SWEET LITTLE LIES (USA) / Director: William Saunders

THE WEDDING PARTY (Australia) / Director: Amanda Jane

TIRZA (Belgium/The Netherlands/Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) / Director: Rudolf van den Berg

CAPSULAS (Guatemala) / Director: Verónica Riedel

TOAST (USA) / Director: SJ Clarkson

Y-NING? (Trinidad & Tobago) / Director: Emilie Upczak

BOMBAY BEACH, CALIFORNIA (USA) / Director: Alma Har’el

THE CREATORS (South Africa) / Director: Laura Gamse, Jacques de Villiers

BIG IN HOLLYWOOD (India/USA) / Director: Bill Bowles, Kenny Meehan

DO WOMEN KNOW WHAT THEY WANT (USA) / Director: Michael Baisden

REAL VOODOO (Canada) / Director: Sandra Whiteley

SENNA (UK) / Director: Asif Kapadia


THE RUM DIARY (US) / Director: Bruce Robinson

BREAKAWAY (Canada) / Director: Robert Lieberman

A DANGEROUS METHOD (Germany/ Canada) / Director: David Cronenberg


ON THE WINGS OF MEN (USA/The Bahamas) / Director: Calvin Dwight Harris

ISLANDS OF LIFE (USA/The Bahamas) / Director: Bo Boudart

COCOON (The Bahamas) / Director: Giovanna Swaby

TALL TALE OF AN ACCIDENTAL TOURIST (The Bahamas) / Director: Jason Evans

FIVE BONES (The Bahamas)  / Director: Tyler Johnston

DEVOTEE (The Bahamas)  / Director: June Collie

AMOS (The Bahamas)  / Director: Karen Arthur, Thomas Neuwirth


ANYTHING FOR YOU (USA) / Director: Laura Belsey

SEXTING (USA) / Director: Tim Harms

THE SEA IS ALL I KNOW (USA) / Director: Jordan Bayne

THIEF (USA) / Director: Julian Higgins

15 SUMMERS LATER (Norway) / Director: Pedro Collantes

ALAMBAMENTO (Angola/Egypt/USA) / Director: Mario Bastos

AUGENBLICKE (Germany) / Director: Martin Bargiel

HOMECOMING (USA) / Director: Gursimran Sandhu

CHRISTMAS PIGGY (Denmark) / Director: R.S. Soderstrom

GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL (USA) / Director: Todd Cobery

MERCY GRACE & CRAB MEAT (USA) / Director: Jonathan Thompson

MI HATICE (Turkey) / Director: Denis Metin

MISH MUSH (Syria/Canada) / Director: Amar Chebib

KILL BRASS (Canada) / Director: Michael Kandinsky

THE SHORE (Northern Ireland) / Director: Terry George

LAN (USA/China) / Director: Taylour Chang

POST-NUP (USA) / Director: Katharine Woodman-Maynard

TELL-TALE (UK) / Director: Greg Williams

MY BIG RED PURSE (USA) / Director: Giancarlo Iannotta

NORTH ATLANTIC (Portugal/UK) / Director: Bernardo Nascimento

THE BURNT CORK (Australia) / Director: Alexandra Edmondson

THE HAYMAKER (Canada/USA) / Director: Daniel D’Alimonte

TORA (Canada) / Director: Glen Samuel, Wendy Ord

TOY SOLDIER (Australia/France/Israel) / Director: Jeremy Bliss

10 AVE MARIA (Aruba) / Director: Ryan Oduber, Juan Francisco Pardo

INCEST! THE MUSICAL (USA) / Director: Grant Reed

BOFFIN & BOFFIN (USA) / Director: Ed Blythe

MUMBIA CHARLIE (UK/ INDIA) Director: Deepak Verma


Actress/singer Zoe Isabella Kravitz (“X-Men: First Class,” “It’s Kind of a Funny Story,” “Yelling to the Sky”), daughter of legendary American/Bahamian musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet, will be honored with BIFF’s signature Rising Star Tribute. Kravitz will be on hand for the special award tribute presentation on Friday, December 2nd at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

The festival will also bring back the Filmmaker’s Residency Program. For the second year BIFF has broadened the program to include filmmakers from around the world to submit screenplays that are based in The Bahamas or Caribbean region.

BIFF 2011 begins Thursday, December 1st in Nassau and runs through Sunday, December 4th.

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