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The Fantasia International Film Festival unveiled the official poster for the 17th edition of the festival taking place in Montreal from July 18 to August 6, 2013.  

Fantasia organized a special poster design contest where the public was invited to submit their concepts and sketches. The contest was won by film critic and director of the Young Cuts Film Festival, Michael Ryan, but in a tragic twist of fate, Michael passed away this spring at the age of 46.  To bring Michael’s vision to life, long-time Fantasia illustrator Donald Caron worked his magic, delivering a striking final art jointly inspired by Greek Mythology (Icarus and Daedalus) and Quebec legend of the Cheval Noir (Black Horse), the latter of which has featured prominently in the festival’s iconography over the two past editions.  The festival dedicated the 2013 art to the memory of Michael Ryan.

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