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“If you accept a dinner invitation you have a moral obligation to be amusing”

Famous words of the Dutchess of windsor, which serve as the perfect personification of what the ROMEOWS stand for, as a collective. Comprised of Retired old men, Brooklyn college Alumnus who come together each and every Wednesday for the purpose of brotherhood. Documenting their history, their unity, their commitment to one another and their pride in not only their roots but their alma mater as well, ROMEOWS is a lesson in relationships.

Have you ever experienced a bond so unbreakable that you would schedule the rest of your entire existence around the prerequisite of sharing time and space wit the other(s) who share in this link? If you havent, dont fret, but what you will get to learn and admire are those who can relate. Their story may very well be similar in so many ways to others, but the authenticity in this feature film is unmistakable. The roundtable which serves as a platform for their sharing, and caring is awe inspiring.

50 years removed from their shared dormitory, Lords House on the campus of world renowned Brooklyn College, these gentlemen are as vibrant and unified as ever. Take a ride on their journey of life, of comraderie, of perspective. From remembering when Brooklyn was the world, or when Nathan’s hot dogs were 15 cents a pop, and a trip on your bicycle to Coney Island was the highlight of your life. Share in the simplicity of the importance of true friendship.

In an age where everything is so “right now” ROMEOWS as a film focuses on the sweet taste of patience, of not giving into the demands of time in a sense. We are trained, as men more specifically to be firm in our position, our feelings; that is if we are ever bold enough to develop any. We talk sports, out of the need to know more than someone else, we cheer for our team only wanting to be the at the trophy presentation, not for the momento but for the bragging rights. We encourage one another but only to the point where it does not infringe on our ego. Ever dreamed of a place where these are not the rules? Where the new rules are all inclusive, organic, universal, and more than anything based on a love and concern for your fellow man; truly wanting what is best for him the same as you want it for yourself.

What resonates most for me is the importance of memories, all be it good or bad, memories; those thoughts if you will, which truly encompass the term longevity. Decades, trends, moments have passed but what remains are the ROMEOWS. A group of men, retired, who honor their vow to each other, to their institution, and to dinner at 7PM on Wednesday Nights. A must see if you ask me. Wanna learn about forever, and sharing it with those who mean the most, take notes from the ROMEOWS

ROMEOWS opens in theaters Friday July 19th.

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