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AT MIDDLETON starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, and directed by Adam RodgersAT MIDDLETON starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, and directed by Adam Rodgers

The 29th Boston Film Festival kicks off on Friday, October 25th and runs through Sunday, October 27th, 2013, featuring films screening in Theatre 1 at the Revere Hotel Boston Common.  The festival opens with “AT MIDDLETON” starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga, and directed by Adam Rodgers.  “AT MIDDLETON” focuses on Edith (Farmiga) a strong-willed and successful business woman taking her 18 year-old daughter on a tour of potential colleges and George (Garcia) a buttoned-up heart surgeon taking his 18 year-old sonon a similar tour. Their paths cross at Middleton College and begins the story of two people who, through a remarkable, unexpected connection, are able to glimpse the potential that true romance can offer.  The festival includes two locally shot films”SIREN” and “GEORGE OF THE CENTER” highlighted in the festival’s Massachusetts focus.

The 2013 Film Lineup 

“At Middleton” (1:33)
Director: Adam Rogers
Writer: Adam Rogers & Glenn German
Starring: Andy Garcia, Vera Farmiga , Taissa Farmiga, Tom Skerritt , Peter Riegert , Nicholas Braun
Synopsis: EDITH (Vera Farmiga) is a strong-willed, free-spirited and successful business woman who’s taking her 18 year-old daughter AUDREY on a tour of potential colleges. GEORGE (Andy Garcia) is a buttoned-up heart surgeon who’s taking his 18 year-old son, CONRAD, on a similar tour. Their paths cross at Middleton College, nestled in the picturesque Connecticut countryside. And while we suspect at the outset that this will be the kids’ story, it quickly becomes clear that George and Edith are the heart of this movie. MIDDLETON is the story of two people who, through a remarkable, unexpected connection, are able to glimpse the potential that true romance can offer. As Edith and George eventually realize, in ways both hilarious and heartbreaking, their adventure proves to be “the greatest half-day” of their lives.

Shorts Program 1
Wallace Seeks Solace (8:00)
Director: Christopher Macken
Synopsis: Wallace Seeks Solace tells the story of a young boy and his journey through the holocaust. This short, filmed in super 16 black & white film, presents an innocent view of a tragic event in history through the perspective of a child and told in ‘Dr. Seuss-like’ rhyming narration. After being ripped from his bed, Wallace is thrown into a whole new world of adult hood and, before he can even blink, is faced with the biggest decision one must ever face.

Partisan (17:30)
Director: Jake Holm
Synopsis: In 1942, Poland, a young Jewish girl escapes a Nazi raid to join a partisan group in the forest and lead a personal, revenge mission against the Nazi collaborator who ratted out her family. As Bella matures from a lost, frightened girl to a fierce guerrilla fighter, she adapts to the new life she is thrust into without a proper transition into womanhood. Will Bella be able to confront her family’s murderer or will her emotions and unresolved fragility get the better of her during the mission?

Rocketship (14:40)
Director: Alfred Thomas Catalfo
Synopsis: An unlikely bond is forged between a lonely boy and an elderly man claiming to be a former astronaut. Together, they transform a vintage vacuum cleaner into a rocketship for a surprising journey.

Toy Soldier (16:00)
Director: Mike Hayes
Synopsis: Sixteen year-old Shane finds himself in the reluctant position of baby-sitter to his kid brother Charlie while his mother is at work. Along with Shane’s best mates – Bean and Hally – their small rural town is the jungle gym where they spend most of their days. When Shane makes a seemingly innocuous discovery one day, he’s and Charlie’s lives are changed forever.

Home (30:44)
Director: Jason Pangilinan
Synopsis: A reclusive older man agrees to help a young woman with no recollection of her identity or past find her way home, but soon discovers she’s no ordinary girl.

1982 (10:24)
Director: Jeremy Breslau
Synopsis: A blocked novelist reflects on a pivotal year in his life, when, as a precocious six-year-old, he struggled for the attention of his bickering parents.

Who I Am (4:04)
Director: Dawn Young
Synopsis: This music video shines a light on an increasingly prevalent and heart breaking disease in which the victim gradually forgets personal history, how to function in society and how to survive. ‘Who I Am’ is performed by Jon Pousette-Dart and Jaime Kyle for our upcoming feature documentary ‘Forget Me Not’ on the subject of Alzheimer’s disease. Pousette-Dart has also included the song is his forthcoming CD release “Anti Gravity.”

Menschen (28:00)
Director: Sarah Lotfi
Synopsis: May 1945, as the Allies close in, an Austrian captain guides his remnant company behind the Russian lines to surrender to the Americans, taking under their wing a boy with a developmental disability. As the loyalty of his men is brought to the test, the captain’s bond with the boy evokes a dark secret from his past.

Huerfano (5:48)
Director: Jeff Bernier
Synopsis: A lone man’s search for the perfect sound leads him on an unexpected journey.

“Out of Print” (55 min.)
Director: Vivienne Roumani
Narator: Meryl Streep
Synopsis: “Out of Print” draws us into the topsy-turvy world of words, illuminating the turbulent, exciting journey from the book through the digital revolution. Ray Bradbury, Scott Turow, Jeff Bezos, parents, students, educators, scientists — all highlight how this revolution is changing everything about the printed word — and changing us.

“The Grand Deception” (1:10)
Director: Steve Emerson
Synopsis: It is a threat that is right in front of us — just below the surface and hidden in plain sight. “Jihad in America: The Grand Deception” exposes the history and structure of the subversive menace behind the public mask — The Muslim Brotherhood in America. This investigative documentary exposes how Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders rose to prominence right here in the United States, and how they exploit American values under the cover of religion for their ulterior political agenda. Startling first-person accounts and chilling exclusive undercover video and audio of these groups behind closed doors.

“Plastic Paradise” — New England Premiere (57 min.)
Director: Angela Sun
Synopsis: Angela Sun’s journey of discovery to one of the most remote places on Earth, Midway Atoll, to uncover the truth behind the mystery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Along the way she encounters scientists, industry, legislators and activists who shed light on what our society’s vast consumption of disposable plastic is doing to our oceans, and what it may be doing to our health.

“Kilimanjaro” (1:20)
Director: Walter Strafford
Starring: Abigail Spencer, Chris Marquette, Brian Geraghty, Bruce Altman, Jim Gaffigan
Synopsis: For years, Doug Collins (late 20s) has been wading through a routine unsatisfying job and an increasingly miserable relationship. After his girlfriend moves out, Doug pushes himself to live a more fulfilling life starting with a trek to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Life pushes back. In the face of challenges from every direction, Doug struggles to make his way to the mountaintop.


Shorts Program 2
Lambing Season (15 mins.)
Director: Jeannie Donohoe
Synopsis: LAMBING SEASON is the offbeat tale of Bridget, an American woman who travels to the Irish countryside to track down her long-lost father while posing as a stranger. When things don’t go according to her convoluted plan, Bridget and her father are surprised to learn they have more in common than they imagined. On a sheep farm full of secrets, nature has its way of delivering the truth.

Cut Out (24:19 mins.)
Director: Mary Novak
Synopsis: A young college student befriends a neighborhood kid and finds herself caught up in gang violence.

Jim and the Genie (10:30 mins.)
Director: Kathlene Ennis
Synopsis: JIM discovers an eternally youthful GENIE and has the opportunity to change his life, if only he could get his genie to stop jumping on the couch.

Machsom (24 mins.)
Director: Joel Novoa
Synopsis: “Machsom,” the Hebrew word for “Checkpoint,” tells the story of Yaniv Greenblatt, a barely 19 Israeli soldier stationed at one of the most dangerous such checkpoints along the West Bank. He would like to be a pacifist and struggles to be fair to the Palestinians, but has to contend with the prying eyes of his superiors. The problems Yaniv faces at home are no easier. His mother is a wheelchair bound hard-right-winger due to the same terrorist attack that killed her husband.The story centers on Yaniv’s relationship with his younger brother, Avi, who attends one of the few mixed Jewish-Arab schools in Israel, and builds towards an incident at the checkpoint that challenges all involved to reconsider their previous resolve.

Awake (6 mins.)
Director: Connie Lisogar-Cocchia
Synopsis: Jason, a U.S. soldier returns from war trying to find happiness at home with his loving wife. While struggling with P.T.S.D., his memories begin to consume him. He realizes that he is no longer the man his wife deserves, and must make some of the most difficult decisions that he never thought he would face. While he reminisces on the life he used to have, he finally discovers his only solution. So ask yourself – Will You Finally Wake Up Before You Die?

Implosion (8:34 mins.)
Director: Hajji Golightly
Synopsis: A soldier scarred by moral injury, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) searches for answers after he harms the person he loves most.

Grape (29 mins.)
Director: Daniel Stine
Synopsis: Grieving winemaker Grayson Delecourt, pondering the sale of his family vineyard, receives an unwelcome overnight visitor on a bleak, wintry afternoon. He soon discovers that Tyler, the drunken, disheveled young man who stumbled into his tasting room faces life-altering decisions of his own, and over the course of an awkward evening, the two forge a tenuous common bond. When Grayson retires to bed, Tyler is left alone to wander the house and nearby winery. He soon encounters a host of a very different sort and is transported into a hauntingly beautiful midnight journey that will give him a glimpse into the past history of Delecourt Vineyards and a hint of what fate holds in store for him and the once-proud Virginia estate.

Doctor Gutmans Eulogy (17:46 mins.)
Director: Melanie Wainberg
Synopsis: Ethan learns of his father’s unexpected last request: he must honor him by giving the eulogy. Growing up struggling to live up to the expectations of his stubborn father, Ethan now has one last chance to make his old man proud. Will he find the right words to send him off while dodging bad advice, match maker family members, and his own anxieties?

The Painter (10 mins.)
Director: Nate Townsend
Synopsis: Obsessed by events that changed his life decades ago, an amateur artist finally returns to the farm where it all began. One man’s journey in search of redemption, closure, and peace.

PM Animated Shorts

The Lady in Number 6 (39 mins.)
Director: Malcom Clarke
Synopsis: The Lady In Number 6 is one of the most inspirational and uplifting stories of the year. 109 year old, Alice Herz Sommer, the world’s oldest pianist and Holocaust survivor shares her story on how to achieve a long and happy life. She discussed the importance of music, laughter and how to have an optimistic outlook on life.

Life, Liberty and Resilience (44 mins.)
Director: Steffan Tubbs
Synopsis: An African-American WWII veteran and grandson of a slave re-traces his segregated roots and his U.S. Navy service on Iwo Jima. From poverty to war, pharmacy to interracial marriage, “Life, Liberty & Resilience” takes a look at how Joe LaNier, in his own words, is able to overcome life’s hurdles and lead an amazing, loving and forgiving life.

“George of the Center” — World Premiere (1:21)
Director: Brian Dorrington
Synopsis: In the affecting documentary, “George of the Center,” director Brian Dorrington centers on a Billerica political activist who is steadfast about informing residents about an impending highway project that will dramatically alter the landscape of the town center. He is undeterred in his campaign to enlighten the unaware citizens to the irreversible effect upon Billerica’s core.

“Siren” — East Coast Premiere (1:33)
Director/Writer: Jesse Peyronel
Starring: Vinessa Shaw, Robert Kazinsky
Synopsis: SIREN is a dark love story about LEIGH, a girl with a unique curse: every man who meets her falls madly, uncontrollably in love with her. So she’s hidden herself away in the forest, living a life of solitude. Until one day, she meets GUY, the only man immune to her spell. Is this her first chance at true love? Or is he more dangerous than he seems?

“Coldwater” — East Coast Premiere (1:39)
Director: Vincent Shaw
Starring: P.J. Boudousqué, James C. Burns, Chris Petrovski, Octavius J. Johnson
Synopsis: Brad Lunders is a teenager forcefully abducted from his home in the middle of the night by his mother’s consent to a harsh wilderness reform facility. There is no contact with the outside world and the retired war colonel in charge prides himself on breaking an inmate’s spirit in order to correct delinquent behavior. As we learn of the tragic events that led to Brad’s arrival, unforeseen circumstances threaten to tear the already eroding reform facility apart, forcing Brad to confront not only his fellow inmates and the personnel in charge, but finally his own sense of what is right and what is wrong.


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