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The 10 Year Plan

Q Cinema, Fort Worth’s Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival and one of the longest running Gay & Lesbian Film Festivals in the country released the line-up for the 16th film festival, Q Cinema’s Sweet Sixteen, October 9 through 12 at Fort Worth’s own Rose Marine Theater.  The Opening Night Centerpiece is The 10 Year Plan directed by JC Calciano, described as a classic romantic comedy that tells the story of Myles and Brody – two friends who make a pact to be together if neither finds love in ten years’ time.  The Closing Night Centerpiece is the Southwest Premier of My Guys  that follows Georgette(Kendall Savage), a 29 year-old, full-figured waitress who has not one, but four BFFs who happen to be gay men. 

The line-up is as follows:

Thursday, October 9 

6:30 PM, CLUB KING. CLUB KING combines Diaz’s personal reflections with candid interviews and archival footage from the East and West Coast’s hottest queens (including Jackie Beat), go-go boys, and singers like Justin Vivian Bond, resulting in a dizzyingly wild ride. Director Jon Bush, 2013, USA, 65 min.

8 PM, Opening Night Centerpiece: The 10 Year Plan. A classic romantic comedy that tells the story of Myles and Brody – two friends who make a pact to be together if neither finds love in ten years’ time. This film has not only several sexy new leading men (one of which, Michael Adam Hamilton, will be present at the screening along with the director) but also has cameos from the hugely popular webseries Steam Room Stories. Several of the guys (Ben Palacios, Chris Reid, Adam Bucci, Skyler Seymour, Cedric Jonathan, Josh Wise and Jesse Welch) make special appearances in the film as their steam room characters.Director: JC Calciano, 2014, USA, 92 min. Preceded by the short film: Me Tube, 2014, Germany, 4 min. Calciano and Michael Hamilton in attendance

10 PM, Sweet Sixteen Opening Night Party: Tiaras & Tinis, Rose Marine Theater Main Gallery

Friday, October 10

6:00 PM, Bridegoom. On May 7, 2012, the anniversary of Tom’s death, after a year of documenting his own grief, Shane decided to make a video tribute to his partner entitled “It Could Happen To You.” This film, posted on YouTube, received over 3.4 million views and has been translated into over 20 different languages. The impact of Shane’s YouTube video and the raw nerve it touched, tells us this is an important story that needs to be told.

With the incredible support from influential people like Brad and George Takei and Neil Patrick Harris, Bridegroom was successfully funded on July 19, 2012 by over 6,500 people on becoming the most funded documentary in the history of crowd funding, and released in the fall of 2013. No admission. Sponsored by Movies that Matter.

7 PM, Pre-screening & autograph reception with Del Shores. Do you own any Sordid Lives memorabilia you would like signed by Del Shores? Bring it! You will also have the opportunity to purchase DVD & BluRay sets of his works to be personally autographed.

8 PM, Friday Night Centerpiece: Del Shores: Naked. Sordid. Reality. Del Shores, creator of the cult franchise Sordid Lives, filmed his hilarious, most successful standup tour to date once again at The Rose Room in Dallas, TX. Del will be hosting with new material, then a screening of the DVD will follow.

This was Shores’ third national tour & in DEL SHORES NAKED.SORDID.REALITY. He shares more sordid stories about his Texas family, reads letters he’s written to the haters (including Newt and Kirk Cameron), acts out scenes from your favorite reality shows (including Hoarders and The Real Housewives) and yes, he will address his new, unexpected, single life.

Del says, “Look, I’ve had a rough few months, okay. I’m bitter and mean and don’t give a shit, so no telling what I’ll say this time!” Shores warns. Written & performed by Del Shores, 84 min.

10 PM, After-party, location TBD and catering provided by City Kitchen Catering Fine Foods.

Saturday, October 11

1 PM, Family Ties Shorts Program, Total Run time 83 minThis shorts compilation highlights five very different films that expose a wide range of family dynamics and relationships that will leave you astounded. This is an emotional roller coaster representing many family ties. These five films include:

Texas Premier A Last Farewell, A portrait of an aging author who must tackle the impossible: finding peace in the wake of a devastating loss. Dir. Casper Andreas, 2014, Sweden, English subtitles, 13 min.

World Premier Coming Out, A look at one girl’s story of coming at out, her mother’s reaction and how playing basketball eases her struggles.Dir. Allysa Defonte, 2014, USA

US Premier Blut, Reis, und Tranen (Blood, Rice & Tears), Tim is 38 and works as a taxi driver, which gives him enough flexibility to take care of his father who suffers from Alzheimer. But does it leave him room for a true romance? Dir. Johannes Rosenstein 2014, Germany, English subtitles, 31 min.

Texas Premier Darkness, A family dispute gradually reveals the source of a male dominated family’s anxieties – a daughter who chooses to dress, and express, as a boy. Going out into the night, she sets off on a journey to find love, and eventually herself, in the colorful underground nightspots of East London. Dir. Simon Savory, 2013, UK, 7 min.

Southwest Premier Electric Indigo, A different look at education, sexuality and human values. Dir. Jean-Julian Collette, 2013, France, 24 min.

3 PM, Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo. The film tells the story of five members of the International Gay Rodeo Association including Dallas’s own, Wade Earp, a descendant of cowboy legend Wyatt Earp. Roping and riding across North America, they buck tradition & bust every stereotype in the book. Director: Matt Livardy, 2014, USA, 92 min. Wade Earp in attendance.

Preceded by the short film: US Premier 

Another Way Out Three generations of LGBT Canadians talk about their life journeys. Stark black & white visuals highlight these candid, eloquent self-portraits. Dir: Simone Stock, 2013, Canada, 4 min. Simone Stock, Anna Gutmanis & Georgia Wilder will be in attendance and available for Q&A after the screening.

6 PM, Tru Love, An evocative love story about the intersecting lives of three women.  When love finds you, rules and roles don’t apply.

Preceded by Secrets & Toys. A surprise visit, a bumbling bestie, and many years of tight-lipped deception causes EVERYONE’S secrets to hit the fan. Dir. Quentin Lee, 2014, USA, 12 min.

8 PM, Centerpiece Film: Southwest Premier Crazy Bitches. A group of ex Alpha Kappa Phi Sorority girls and a fab gay guy plan a getaway birthday weekend for their friend, Alice. Escaping to a remote ranch the group settles in for several days of gossip, girl time and grub. Writer/Director/Producer: Jane Clark, 2014, USA 97 min. Clark and actor Cathy DuBuono will be in attendance & available for Q&A after the screening.

Preceded by Narcissist, Sometimes one must experience darkness to find a true authentic light. Writer/Director/Producer Eric Casaccio, 2014, USA, 17 min. Casaccio will be in attendance & available for Q&A after the screening.

10:30 PM, VIP Reception & After-Party: Hosted by Flowers on the Square and Louis Lambert. Special guests in attendance: Jane Clark, Cathy DuBuono, Eric Casaccio, Anna Gutmanis, Georgia Wilder & Joseph Antaki. Admission for those with Sponsor and All-Access Passes. A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the box office during the festival.

Sunday, October 12

2:30 PM, End of Season Sale, Contraplano (Plan B) & Foreign Relations

Southwest Premier End of Season Sale Two ageing men meet on the street on a rainy night. The city no longer awaits them. They both like men, but their sexual identity is entirely different: one likes words without flesh, the other likes flesh without words. Dir. Eli Glazer, 2014, Israel, English subtitles, 35 min. US Premier

Contraplano (Plan B) In an apartment, two guys have a meeting. Apparently, it’s a romantic dinner. Apparently, it’s all about illusion. Between ‘me’ and ‘another one’, there’s the paradox: how to care for a relationship in a world designed for individuals? Dir. Gus Stevaux, 2013, Brazil, English subtitles, 15 min. Nudity

Foreign Relations, Touring in Europe, shy Tom meets a sexy, but ambiguous Greek & flirty tour guide. Dir Reid Waterer, 2014, USA, 25 min.

4PM BFFs. Two friends, one lie, five couples and the three days that could change everything. Kat and Samantha have been best friends for years. When Samantha convinces a reluctant Kat to take advantage of a couple’s weekend retreat by pretending to be lovers, they’re hoping for some time by the pool and maybe a few good stories. How hard could it be? Instead, they find themselves immersed in an intensive workshop with real couples who are fighting to save their relationships. As the “Closer to Closeness” weekend progresses, Kat and Samantha are made to face their own shortcomings and, by default, begin to believe their own cover story. When the lines of friendship begin to blur, they are faced with asking themselves: could it actually be there is something there or has this weekend just worked a Jedi mind trick on them? Director: Dir. Andrew Putschoegl, 2014, USA, 90 min

Preceded by the short film: Cortometraje (Speechless), Dir. Christina Barnuevo, 2012, English subtitles, 14 min.

6 PM Closing Night Centerpiece: Southwest Premier My Guys Meet Georgette(Kendall Savage), a 29 year-old, full-figured waitress who has not one, but four BFFs who happen to be gay men. As the only woman in this entourage, Georgette relishes being the center of attention and knowing her ‘Guys’ always have her back…especially when dealing with her redneck family, nosy neighbor and boss from hell.  But wait, Georgette’s life is about to get way more complicated. Director: Joseph Antaki, 2014, Canada, 81 min. Sexual situations.

Preceded by the short film: World Premiere We Are Fine, No words are needed in this visually stimulating film. Dir. Simon Savory, 2014, UK/Australia, 5 min.

7:30 PM Awards & Closing Night Party, Rose Marine Theater Main Gallery

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