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The Ninth Annual Beaufort International Film Festival starting February 11 and continuing to February 15, 2015, in the historic coastal town of Beaufort, SC announces the film finalists.  BIFF 2015 will unveil the inaugural award for the Spirit & Pride of South Carolina Award, presented to that person whose career achievements in the areas of film, television or music have reflected positively on themselves and the state of South Carolina. The first award will be presented to Model and Actress Andie MacDowell, originally from Gaffney, SC. Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter and Best Selling Author Pat Conroy will present this inaugural award. Steve Rhea from Charleston, SC, will be presented the “Behind the Scenes” Award for his more than 30 years of work as a Film Location Specialist.

The 2015 Beaufort International Film Festival Finalists are as follows:



Directed by: Katelyn Bianchini, Asia Lancaster, Rena Cheng
Orange, CA

Green Acres

Directed by: James Beck (Dodge College, Chapman Univ.)
Orange, CA


Directed by:  Monica Stefanelli  (Dodge College, Chapman Univ.)
Orange, CA

Light Me Up

Directed by:  Derek Dolechek, Ryan Walton (Dodge College, Chapman Univ.)
Orange, CA

My Light Has Gone

Directed by: Jason Kummerfeldt (Dodge College, Chapman Univ.)
Orange, CA


You Belong to Me

Directed by:  John Cork
Carmel, CA

Cotton Road

Directed by: Laura Kissel
Columbia, SC

In An Ideal World

Directed by: Noel Schwerin
San Francisco, CA

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

Directed by:  Matthew VanDyke
Baltimore, MD

Something You Can Call Home

Directed by:  Rebecca Keynon
London, United Kingdom

The Civilian-Military Divide: Bridging the Gap

Directed by:  Robert Roy
Toronto, ON, CANADA


Cinema Purgatorio

Directed by:  Chris White
Greenville, SC

Dig Two Graves

Directed by:  Hunter Adams
Los Angeles, CA  90027

The Lengths

Directed by:  Tim Driscoll
Jacksonville, FL

Suck It Up Buttercup

Directed:  Malindi Fickle
Honolulu, HI

The Frontier

Directed by: Matt Rabinowitz
West Hollywood, CA


A Great Personality is Just Skin Deep

Directed by:  John Schwab
London, UK


Directed by: Nicholas Bouler
Los Angeles, CA

Last Night at the Ellington

Directed by:  Geoffrey Gunn
Greenville, SC

Love Sick Lonnie

Directed by:  Chad Matthews
Austin, TX


Directed by:  Ronald Eltanal
Wilmette, IL

The Quota

Directed by: Jim Cushinery
Los Angeles, CA

Times Like Dying

Directed by:  Evan Vetter
Wilmington, NC

Uncomfortable Silence

Directed by:  Gabriele Altobelli
Rome, Italy

Wrong Side Up

Directed by: Henry McComas
Englewood, CO



Directed by:  Jake Bellew; University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Into the Silent Sea

Directed by:  Andrej Landin; Dodge College

Roses for Margaret

Directed by:  Christine Hurley; University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Sea Odyssey

Directed by:  Adam Nelson; Savannah College of Art & Design

The Bright Side

Directed by: Sarah Thacker; Dodge College

The Collection

Directed by:  Ian Gullett; University of North Carolina School of the Arts


A Great Personality is Only Skin Deep


Love Sick Lonnie

Cinema Purgatorio

The Quota

Last Night at the Ellington

The Lengths


A Clash of Iron

Richard Reed
Riverside, CA

Club Bong Song

Tom Bixby
St. Helena, SC

Hell and Hallelujah!

Margaret Ford Rogers
Charleston, SC

Lost Cause

David Schroeder
Miami, FL

Mint Condition

Gary Weeks
Roswell, GA

Sandbox Coordinates

Sheila Watson and Tony Watson
Johns Island, SC

The Life Shift

Marcia Chandler Rhea, Writer
Charleston, SC


Daniel R. Jones  (Last Night at the Ellington- Short Film)

Max Gail (The Frontier – Feature Film)

Ted Levine  (Dig Two Graves – Feature Film)

Mike Nussbaum (Nostalgic – Short Film)

Chris White ( Cinema Purgatorio – Feature Film)


Traysie Amick (Cinema Purgatoria – Feature Film)

Katharyn Grant (Wrong Side Up – Short Film)

Lacey Marie Myer (Suck It Up Buttercup – Feature Film)

Susan Ruttan ( The Quota – Short Film)

Corsica Wilson (The Lengths – Feature Film)


Hunter Adams ( Dig Two Graves– Feature Film)

Malindi Fickle ( Suck It Up Buttercup – Feature Film)

Geoffrey Gunn ( Last Night at the Ellington – Short Film)

Henry Danoe McComas ( Wrong Side Up- Short Film)

Evan Vetter  (Times Like Dying – Short Film)

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