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julio mendez bad hair

Venezuelan actor Julio Mendez who was featured in the critically acclaimed independent film “Bad Hair” has reportedly been killed in a shootout in Caracas, Venezuela.  Julio Mendez was said to be among  a group of people killed last Thursday night during a confrontation between officers and a group of alleged car thieves in downtown Caracas.

According to the reports, it was unclear if Mendez was among the suspects or was caught in crossfire.

The filmmakers behind the film”Bad Hair” confirmed his death in a tweet, saying  “With infinite rage and pain we must point out that our beloved actor Julio Mendez was killed in Caracas…”

In Bad Hair (Pelo malo), winner of the Golden Seashell Award and Sebastiane Award at the 2013 San Sebastian Film Festival, writer/director Mariana Rondón chronicles Junior’s life in a housing project in contemporary Caracas, Venezuela, where he lives with his widowed mother and baby brother. While his mother struggles to find cleaning jobs to feed her family, Junior’s obsessions are of a more aesthetic nature. Above all, he longs for straight hair – ‘Good Hair’ – like that of his idol, a Justin Bieber – like pop singer. He wants his curly African hair to be straight for his school picture. His mother fears her son is gay, but his African grandmother is fond of the boy, and teaches him to dance to one of her favorite rock ‘n’ roll tunes.

In ” Bad Hair,” the 21-year-old Mendez played a newspaper vendor, reportedly winning the role after accompanying a friend to auditions held in the Caracas slum where the movie is set.

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