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Weed, religion & trouble make up the ingredients for the award winning film Dough directed by John Goldschmidt.

Dough stars Jonathan Pryce and Jerome Holder, and is the winner of the Audience Award at Hartford Jewish Film Festival 2016, Green Mountain Film Festival 2016, and New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival 2016.


The film is set in London and tells the story of a Jewish bakery owner (Nat) played by Jonathan Pryce who is in need of a boost to his bakery so he hires a new apprentice Ayyash played by Jerome Holder.  While working one day in the bakery Ayyash drops his weed in the bread dough and Nat business started to get a major boost in sales but in the end the shop was turned upside and unlikely friendship was created.


Dough puts off highly realistic vibes and all the actors worked really well together.  I loved the fact “Dough” tackled religion and still had the ability to add comedy and weed in the same film. My only dislike about the film is that at times it got a little too predictable, however, over all I would recommend this film.


So with that said Dough will be opening this weekend in city near you, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, and right here in New York City at Village East Cinema so if you have a chance to view this film you should just do it.

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