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Trump Clinton Documentary

The election is upon us, and with two front- running candidates – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – who have often been described as the two most unlikeable presidential candidates in over 30 years, it’s understandable that this election has majority of voters unsure or uneasy about who they plan to vote for.
Before you make a decision of monumental proportions, knowing just who you’re voting for is imperative and may help steady your lever-pulling arm to know that you’re making the right decision for yourself and America. Here are some free and informative documentaries on the pros and cons of both the Democratic and Republican nominees.


Make America Hate Again.

Draws irrefutable comparisons of Trump to Hitler and KKK leader David Duke, diagnoses trump with the classic symptoms of narcissism and the effects it can have putting a narcissist in a position of power. The doc also shows the violence of Trump supporters.

Clinton Cash

Discusses in depth the financial suspicions Clinton has. While the doc is clearly condemning Clintons past actions, it is more factual than mudslinging. The tone of this documentary is more informative than damning to Clinton’s campaign and is probably a good watch even for those committed to voting Clinton.

What Hilary Clinton Really Represents

Unlike Clinton Cash, the tone of this doc is strongly biased against Clinton from the get-go, starting with host Abby Martin’s voice that’s dripping with distain as well as all the subjects being interviewed. Yet it is still interesting to see the arguments they make, particularly how most of the people endorsing Hilary are working for the clinton campaign.

Fire Breather

A slightly more agressive tone against Trump than the other documentaries, yet still remains professional. This doc goes over the long history of Trump rather than focusing solely on the campaign. Informational, and fact checking  timeline of Trump as well as well known and credible sources like Tom Brokow.

How Powerful is Trump

A well rounded biography documentary that focuses evenly on Trump’s life before the campaign, his success as a business man,  as well and his rise to be the Republican candidate and how he gained so much popularity with his supporters. The doc is almost purely factual with the slightest lean to the left.

CNN The Essential Hilary Clinton

Out of all the documentaries this is the strongest biographically informing the viewer on Hilary’s childhood, motivation for becoming a lawyer, long political career as well as her strength during her husbands scandalous presidency. The documentary interviews Clinton herself as well as Chelsea Clinton, and does a good job in attempting to improve her like ability and relatability.


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