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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival will present The Artemis Action Rebel Award to actor/producer Tom Cruise for his illustrious body of work which, in addition to cementing his place in Hollywood acting history, has also championed strong female heroes in film.  Mr. Cruise’s films commonly feature women in physically strong, empowered action roles offering an opportunity for worldwide audiences to see powerful women on screen. The 2016 recipient of the Action Rebel Award was given to Mr. Paul Feig (director Ghostbusters, Spy, The Heat).

Also being honored is sci-fi film and TV legend, Nichelle Nichols, the beloved Lt. Uhura from Star Trek. Her role as Uhura shattered barriers for women, particularly women of color, in the sci-fi genre and created an icon which inspired generations of girls. Ms. Nichols has also championed breaking barriers in the wider culture beyond film and as such has been a model of dignity and strength for her millions of fans.

The festival’s headlining event will be the Friday April 21, 2017 Red Carpet Gala featuring the Honoree Award Ceremony and premiere headlining screenings. Our Honoree Award ceremony will also recognize iconic stunt legends Andy Armstrong, a renowned stuntman and stunt coordinator for over four decades (Ragtime, Hoffa, Highlander, Planet of the Apes, The Amazing Spider-Man) will receive the Artemis Stunt Rebel Award and beloved stuntwoman Jennifer Caputo (Batman Forever, From Dusk Till Dawn, Charlie’s Angels, Thor, Paranormal Activity) will receive the Artemis Stunt Lifetime Achievement Award for her two plus decades of breathtaking stunt performances and stunt choreography respected by stunt men and women throughout the industry. World renowned stuntwoman Tammie Baird (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Iron Man, Taken 3) will receive the Artemis Stunt Warrior Award for her unique and fearless stunt expertise ranging from car hits to high heeled stunt fights.

“Our modern day has all but stripped physicality, save sex out of femininity. We have not explored female physical potential, and we do not encourage its exploration,” said film festival Founder Melanie Wise. “I’ve said for quite a while, until women are seen as physically equal, we will always be seen as less.”

“Women in action are nothing new. Women have been in action since the dawn of time. The films we screen reflect that,” remarks Co-Founder Sean Marlon Newcombe. “Female action films are popular, profitable and people are clamoring for them.”

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