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Gürcan Keltek
Gürcan Keltek

Meteors (Meteorlar) by Gürcan Keltek which World Premiered at the 2017 Locarno Film Festival has been voted winner of the festival’s Cinelab Award.

The second edition of the initiative by the Locarno Festival in partnership with Festival Scope presented a selection of 10 films from the Concorso Cineasti del presente. After its premiere at the Festival, each film was screened until August 20.

Meteors (Meteorlar) by Gürcan Keltek.
Meteors (Meteorlar) by Gürcan Keltek.

For this year’s Cinelab Award, the audience chose Meteorlar by Gürcan Keltek. The Award was exclusively given by the Locarno Festival initiative on Festival Scope. The winner is given technical services worth 22,000€, which is offered by Cinelab Bucharest.

Meteorlar had its world premiere in Locarno. It is Turkish filmmaker Gürcan Keltek’s debut feature. Meteorlar also won Locarno Festival’s Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award.

They come at night and everybody steps out. They light torches and remember those who have walked these streets before them. In the coming hours, the city wil be on lockdown: an eclipse appears and meteors start to fall.

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