The Price

Anthony Onah’s debut thriller The Price which world premiered at SXSW, will open in theaters on November 10th, 2017 in Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Dallas and more. The high stakes thriller stars fast rising actors Aml Ameen (star of Idris Elba’s upcoming directorial debut YARDIE, “Sense8”, MAZE RUNNER, THE BUTLER) and Lucy Griffiths (“Preacher”, “True Blood”).

The Price follows a young Nigerian-American as he navigates complications in family, love, and business while secrets threaten to destroy him. The film explores a young person juggling various identities – professional at work, traditional at home, alpha-male with his co-workers, sensitive within his relationship – and the crippling pressures these expectations can bring.

Seyi (Ameen), a bright young Nigerian-American working on Wall Street, must navigate complicated family expectations, a turbulent romantic relationship, and a system of cultural complexities caused by class and race. With a dying father, a burgeoning romance with a white girlfriend (Griffiths), and dangerous new business opportunities, Seyi’s life is in a delicate balance. When his ambition drives Seyi to morally dubious waters, secrets threaten to erupt and shatter his world. Seyi must confront himself and decisions he has made, facing the crimes of the past in a desperate attempt to salvage the present.

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