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Candy & Ronnie
Tyler Tackett as Billy Isaaks & Mair Mulroney as Alice Murphy taking a pill in Candy & Ronnie

The multi award-winning short film Candy & Ronnie, written and directed by Pittsburgh native filmmaker Skyko, has been selected for the 2018 Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival on Saturday June 23rd at 7PM, at  Baverso Theater / Ryan Arts Center. The director and his producer-wife Lucy Macedo will be in attendance for a Q&A.

Candy & Ronnie tells the story of a young man who awakens on his couch and pieces together a dark romantic weekend that changes his life forever, in ways he could have never imagined. This edgy drama presents a sexy and feverish dip into the seductive waters of drugs and unrivaled promiscuity.


Behind The Scene Video

The short comes at a very crucial time when the opioid overdose crisis is at its height in the United-States. “We hope our film attracts a young adult audience with some of it’s raw, unrefined humor, yet at the same time covertly raises awareness about the dangers of painkillers, opioids, and recreational drugs,” says director Skyko who was inspired to tell this heartbreaking story by his younger brother’s battle with addiction, eventually passing away from opioid’s in 2009. “Many people have promising lives, dreams and aspirations yet everything can change in a blink of an eye,” he adds.

The film keeps making waves on the festival circuit and has recently garnered the Best Director, Best Actress and Best Score awards at the LA Shorts Awards; the Best Writer and Best Lead Actor awards at the Atlantic City Cinefest; as well as the Best Overall Short Film at the F&F Film Festival.

Cast: Tyler Tackett (Billy Isaaks), Mair Mulroney (Alice Murphy), Paul Stanczak (The Pizza Guy), David Hill (Police Officer), Roni Weissman (Police Officer), John Crickellas (Paramedic), James Bahman (Paramedic) & Drew Mason (Crime Scene Photographer).

Crew: Skyko (Producer, Director + Cinematographer + Composer + Editor), Lucy Macedo (Producer + UPM), Tyler Tackett (Co-Producer + Lead Actor), Lee Peacher (Gaffer + Sound Mixer), Hussain Najam (Co-Cinematographer), Angie Bulmer (Hair + Make-up).

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