LAST CALL directed by Gavin Michael Booth
LAST CALL directed by Gavin Michael Booth

Last Call, a real-time split-screen feature film shot in two true single takes with an original musical score also recorded live to picture, will have its West Coast premiere at Dances with Films at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday, June 18th at 7:15pm. The film is directed by Gavin Michael Booth (The Scarehouse), written by Gavin Michael Booth and Daved Wilkins (“The Mindy Project”), and starring Sarah Booth (“Law & Order: SVU”) and Daved Wilkins.

Last Call follows a suicidal alcoholic on the anniversary of his son’s death. When he attempts to call a crisis hotline, a misdial connects him with a single mother working as the night janitor at a local community college. The split screen feature showcases both characters in real-time as they navigate a life-changing conversation.

“This film is an emotional journey that Daved and I felt could best be told by allowing the audience to experience the story in the same way our characters do—in the moment,” said Booth. “There are no cuts or reshoots in life, and neither are there in Last Call. We’re really proud to push the envelope and that Dances With Films is a place that welcomes outside the box films like ours.”

Director, Gavin Michael Booth is an award-winning filmmaker known for NBCUniversal’s The Scarehouse, winner of Best Feature at the New York City Horror Film Festival. In 2015 Booth broke new filmmaking ground with Blumhouse’s Fifteen, teaming up with producer Jason Blum (The Purge, Get Out) to create the world’s first movie broadcast live using Twitter’s Periscope App.

Dances With Films runs June 13th to 23rd at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. 

Trailer for Last Call directed by Gavin Michael Booth

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