Sua – Irabazi arte directed by Aurkene Ariza and Mikel Fuentes
SUA – IRABAZI ARTE directed by Aurkene Ariza and Mikel Fuentes

The animated film Turu, The Wacky Hen (La gallina turuleca), and the documentary Sua – Irabazi arte, about the week leading up to the day that the Real Sociedad team won the Copa de la Reina (Queen’s Cup), will World Premiere at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in the Velodrome

Turu, The Wacky Hen (La gallina turuleca) is directed by Víctor Monigote (Madrid, 1967) and Eduardo Gondell (Buenos Aires, 1961). Monigote is the author of the storyboards for films such as Cándida, Camino and Mortadelo y Filemón: Misión salvar la Tierra (Mortadelo and Filemón. Mission: Save the Planet) as well as the art director of Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo (Mortadelo and Filemón: Mission Implausible), for which he received a Goya nomination. For his part, Gondell has worked in directing and production tasks on animated feature films such as Gaturro, Boogie el aceitoso and Don Gato y su pandilla (Top Cat).

An audiovisual crew accompanied the Real Sociedad women’s football team in the days prior to their winning the Copa de la Reina, in a final played on May 11 in Granada. The result is a documentary directed by Aurkene Ariza and Mikel Fuentes, following the action behind the scenes and the atmosphere preceding a historic title for the club from Donostia.

The Velodrome will also host the premiere of the complete series Vida perfecta / Perfect Life, created by Leticia Dolera (Barcelona, 1981), who had previously directed several short films and the feature Requisitos para una persona normal (Requirements to be a Normal Person, Made in Spain 2015).

TURU, THE WACKY HEN (LA GALLINA TURULECA) directed by Víctor Monigote and Eduardo Gondell
TURU, THE WACKY HEN (LA GALLINA TURULECA) directed by Víctor Monigote and Eduardo Gondell


Turuleca’s rather strange appearance and inability to lay eggs is met with mockery from the other hens. However, her life changes the day that Isabel, a former music teacher, takes her to live on her farm and discovers her amazing secret talent. Not only can Turuleca speak, she can also sing as you’ve never heard a hen sing before! But their luck isn’t to last. Isabel suffers an accident and is taken to a hospital in the Big City. Turuleca decides to go and find her, and to do it she joins the fascinating group of artists from the Daedalus Circus. Together they will set out on an extraordinary journey on which Turuleca’s musical talent and charm will turn her into a star. But her journey won’t be easy, the circus is threatened by the evil Armando Tramas, who wants to get his hands on both the circus, and the prodigious hen.


The Real Sociedad makes another date with history. Following the successes of the winning team in the eighties, 30 years later one of our line-ups has made it to a cup final. It’s the opportunity to win a new title. The women’s team measures itself against Atlético de Madrid in the Queen’s Cup final in Granada. The days leading up to the big moment are lived with nerves, stress and great excitement by the players, the technical crew and the whole blue & white family. The ambition and struggle of our female players will be key. We all know the result. Now let’s see what the road to get there was like.

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