As I Am directed by Anthony Bawn
As I Am directed by Anthony Bawn

The indie LGBT film ‘As I Am’ directed by Anthony Bawn will be released in theaters in December via Bawn Incorporated and APB Productions LLC.

As I Am is written, directed by Anthony Bawn (Conframa, District) & executive produced by Shaun Cairo(Pitchfork, The House Invictus).

The film is the story about Emmanuel (played by Andre Meyers), a lone marketing exec. whom must come to grips with a gut wrenching secret he’s withheld from his family for many years. Along the way, Emmanuel meets Demetrius (played by Jeremiyah Dunbar) whom welcomes him to a whole new world filled with compassion & understanding, the likes of Emmanuel has never known.

Rodney Chester star of the former Logo (Viacom), Patrick Ian Polk ( P-Valley) series “Noah’s Arc’ also stars.

Bawn has set a nationwide theatrical and On Demand release for December 6.

As I Am Trailer

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