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George Lopez as “Ramírez” in Conor Allyn’s NO MAN’S LAND. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films Release.
George Lopez as “Ramírez” in Conor Allyn’s NO MAN’S LAND. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films Release.

Comedian/actor George López (No Man’s Land) will be honored at this year’s 2020 GuadaLAjara Film Festival in Los Angeles, with the Arbol de la Vida Lifetime Achievement Award for “his commitment to creating a more inclusive industry through the amplification of Latino voices in the U.S.” Past recipients include Gregory Nava, Patricia Riggen, and Kate Del Castillo. The award will be presented to López by Director Conor Allyn and co-star Jake Allyn (No Man’s Land) on Thursday, December 10th.

Reflecting the COVID-19 pandemic, the Festival will run December 17-19, 2020 with a 100% virtual 2020 program.

The festival kicks off on Opening Night with No Man’s Land from Director Conor Allyn, starring George López along with Frank Grillo, Andie MacDowell and Esmeralda Pimentel. Migration is an issue that will always be fundamental when we talk about the relationship between Latin America and the United States. No Man’s Land addresses this problem from a human perspective.

Center Piece film is 499, from director Rodrigo Reyes and stars Eduardo San Juan Breña as a 16th-century conquistador who begins an epic journey, documents stories of how the Spanish dehumanized the societies they encountered.

The festival wraps with Summertime from Director Carlos López Estrada, starring Mila Cuda, Paolina Acuña-Gonzaléz, Tyris Winter, Gordon IP, Marquesha Babers, Austin Antoine and Bryce Banks as Closing Night film. A film that tackles the theme of being an “Angeleno,” representing the diversity in a big city in the United States.

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