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He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes
He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes

MidWest WeirdFest returns to the Micon Downtown Cinema in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, March 5-7, 2021 with a lineup described as – “all things fantastic, frightening, paranormal, and just plain weird.”

MidWest WeirdFest will operate in accordance with Micon Cinemas’ Covid policies: Only selling tickets to 50% seating capacity, and requiring face masks in the cinema’s foyer and auditorium, unless guests are eating or drinking.

“MidWest WeirdFest’s dedication to programming thrilling and cutting-edge films makes me ecstatic to world premiere my feature directorial debut He Who Lives in Hidden Lakes at the festival this year,” says writer/director Zach Lona. “The festival has screened my short films in previous editions, and I’m delighted to return to this fantastic event, no less than in-person and at the cinema.”

Other feature filmmakers presenting their work at the 2021 MidWest WeirdFest, include:

Kerry Prior, special effects artist and visionary director of the cult horror comedy hit The Revenant. Kerry is world premiering his long lost, found-footage film The Blare Rabbit Project at the festival this year, along with presenting a special retrospective screening of The Revenant.

Levin Garbisch, writer/director of the stunning and surprise-filled horror film Miranda Veil.

AV Super Sunshine and Philomena Victor, husband and wife filmmaking team, musicians, and subjects of the compelling feature documentary Alien Abduction.

Filmmakers representing their short films at the festival include: Dan S (There’s Something About Hastings and Seed Of Perfection), whose previous appearance at MidWest WeirdFest coincided with his feature Vore King winning “Best Documentary” at the festival in 2017. Two other festival alumni, Steve Chappell (Ed Gein Interview), and Jackson McKeehan (Sheila), will also be in attendance to present their latest work. Visiting short filmmakers making their MidWest WeirdFest debut this year, include Gustavo Martin (FUPA), Amber Rose McNeill (Normal Porn for Normal People), and Grant Osum (Neighbors of the Apocalypse).

MidWest WeirdFest 2021 Feature Line-up

ALIEN ABDUCTION (dir: Jared Sagal)
Synopsis: A rock and roll band couple approach a young filmmaker and ask for his help in finishing a film about their true story: being abducted, experimented on, and taken off planet aboard a flying saucer. The documentarian sets out on a mission to either verify or discredit their experience.

THE BLARE RABBIT PROJECT (dir: Kerry Prior) World Premiere! A found-footage feature film, thought lost for over 20 years, is finally seeing the light of the projector booth at its world premiere at the 5th annual MidWest WeirdFest! Join the hilarious trip that follows 2 idiots and an actress on a hunt for a legendary rabbit.

THE DEEP ONES (dir: Chad Ferrin) Adapted from the works of H. P. Lovecraft. A married couple rents a beach side Airbnb only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbors and occurrences. They soon discover they are in the grips of a mysterious cult and their ancient sea god.

THE EXPLORER (dir: Alexandre Brecher) In the heart of the largely unexplored Congo Basin forest hides the Mokele-mbembe, a semi-aquatic animal whose shape and dimensions resemble those of a sauropod dinosaur. Travel with cryptozoologist Michel Ballot on his search for the creature!

EXTERNO (dir: Jonathon Taub, Leandro Taub) North American Theatrical Festival Premiere! A revolutionary businessman tries to conquer the world with $2,000. This lyrical and potent film, while fictional, presents a convincing, if allegorical, expose of the inner workings of a hidden power structure that shapes the world.

HE WHO LIVES IN HIDDEN LAKES (dir: Zach Lona) World Premiere! The fanatic beliefs of an internet mystic, a cult leader, and a rookie cop gone rogue are tested on the hunt for the “Hidden Man”, an elusive forest-dwelling cryptid that terrorizes their idyllic suburb.

I CAN’T SLEEP (dir: Gina Rose) A young writer struggles to complete her science-fiction story while battling supernatural forces in real life. A pitch-perfect and perfectly original low-fi, sci-fi drama, with a fantastic and diverse cast, I CAN’T SLEEP resonates at a profoundly human level.

LADY USHER (dir: George Adams) Based on Poe’s classic tale, this updated re-telling possesses the quintessential features of the Gothic: a large dreary house, macabre characters, and a mysterious sickness. But the fantastic film spins with modern sensibilities, tongue-in-cheek moments, bizarre twists, and dark eroticism.

MIRANDA VEIL (dir: Levin Garbisch) When aspiring serial killer Soren, abducts his first victim Miranda, both of them are shocked to discover that she is unable to die. Faced with the unknown, the two of them struggle to come to terms with this revelation as they embark on an increasingly surreal road trip home.

NINJA BADASS (dir: Ryan Harrison) Local scum-bag Rex must undergo a crash course in Ninjitsu, to develop the skills needed to rescue the gal he is obsessed with, from a rampaging Ninja gang. Hilarious and over the top violence and gags flow in this new cult hit.

THE REVENANT (dir: Kerry Prior) Rootin’-tootin’, shootin’ and lootin’… Undead the way you like it! Come watch the greatest undead buddy horror/comedy film ever made, in this special retrospective screening at the Micon Downtown. Director Kerry Prior in attendance to Q&A!.

THE STAIRS (dir: Peter “Drago” Tiemann) In 1997, 11 year old Jesse finds a mysterious staircase in the woods and disappears. Twenty years later, a group of hikers, set off into the very same woods. Unfortunately for them, they come face to face with the very same set of stairs Jesse discovered all those years ago.

TRANS (director: Naeri Do) After facing a serious assault from Taeyong Ma’s posse, Minyoung Go plans revenge on the bullies. So, she conducts an electrical baptism and becomes a super-powered “transhuman” after undergoing a series of high voltage shocks.

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