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Primera directed by Vee Bravo
Primera directed by Vee Bravo

Since October of 2019, millions of Chileans have taken to the streets demanding a new constitution, written by the people and guided by the principles of equity and dignity. Primera tells their story.

Primera shown at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is directed by Vee Bravo, a Chilean who was exiled from his home country in 1981, at the young age of 7, and has spent his life in New York City, without ever losing connection to his Chileno roots. ‘Primera, created by Bravo and produced by New York based filmmakers Kevin Lopez and Catherine Gund, tells this story of how the protests of brave everyday citizens are responsible for an entire country re-writing a more equitable constitution.

Among these characters are Felipe Riquelme, Camila Miranda, and Angy Tarifeño, who eventually became front line movement leaders after witnessing violent actions from the Chilean military towards the protestors. To honor their courage and leadership, Bravo is bringing these freedom fighters to New York City for the screening of the film. Felipe Riquelme and Camila Miranda will arrive in NYC on June 8th in anticipation for the June 12th screening.

“At a time when there is so much conflict in the world, it would behoove us to learn from people that have fought to turn conflict into real and meaningful structural change. I believe Felipe and Camila can teach us a great deal about what it takes to do this,” Vee Bravo said.

After picking up his daughter from school one day, Felipe witnessed the attacks, and was instantly drawn to join the front line of defense. In doing so, he was shot in the eye, making him one of the first victims of ocular trauma. This life-changing injury did not deter him from continuing to protest on the streets, and ultimately become a leading community voice demanding justice for victims and political prisoners.

Camila, a street musician, was the first woman to be subjected to police violence during the uprising. She was shot 6 times while singing protest songs outside of a metro station. The photograph of her traumatic attack was one of the first images that travelled the world and put a spotlight on human rights abuses occurring in Chile. A resilient survivor, she went on to be a leading feminist activist in the movement.

Watch the trailer for Primera.

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