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AIVA by Veneta Androva
AIVA by Veneta Androva

The animated film Doom Cruise directed by Hannah Stragholz and Simon Steinhorst walked away €20,000 and the Saxon State Minister Promotion Prize in the National Competition at the 33rd Filmfest Dresden short film festival in in Dresden, Germany. In the hand-colored film a cruise ship is sailing to its demise as a metaphor to current societal themes.

The Golden Horseman Animated Film in the International Competition was awarded to the German-Bulgarian film AIVA from Veneta Androva, which won the LUCA – GenderDiversity Film Award as well. In the National Competition, Shoko Hara was awarded the Golden Horseman Animated Film for Just A Guy along with the Golden Horseman Sound Design.

The Golden Horseman of the Audience in the National Competition went to Yalla Habibi from Mahnas Sarwari. In the International Competition, the audience decided to award their Golden Horseman to Kharchang (Crab) from Shiva Sadegh Asad. In addition to this, she also received a special mention from the Youth Jury.

Winners of 33rd Filmfest Dresden

Golden Horsemen International Competition

Golden Horseman Animated Film International Competition

AIVA by Veneta Androva (Germany/Bulgaria 2020)

Special Mention:
EASTER EGGS by Nicolas Keppens (Belgium/France/Netherlands 2020)

Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film International Competition

A LACK OF CLARITY by Stefan Kruse Jørgensen (Denmark 2020)

Special Mention:
I’M TOO BUSY by Carmen Aumedes Mier (China/Spain 2019)

Golden Horsemen of the Audience International Competition

KHARCHANG (CRAB) by Shiva Sadegh Asadi (Iran 2020)

Golden Horseman of the Youth Jury International Competition

LES NOUVEAUX DIEUX (NEW GODS) by Loïc Hobi (Schwitzerland/France 2020)

Special Mention:
KHARCHANG (CRAB) by Shiva Sadegh Asadi (Iran 2020)

National Competition Awards

Golden Horseman Animated Film National Competition

JUST A GUY von Shoko Hara (Germany 2020)

Golden Horseman Short Fiction Film National Competition

KAKO SAM POBEDIO LEPAK I BRONZU (HOW I BEAT GLUE AND BRONZE) by Vladimir Vulević (Germany/Serbia 2020)

Special Mention:
FREDDA MEYER by Julia Roesler (Germany 2021)

Golden Horseman of the Audience National Competition

YALLAH HABIBI by Mahnas Sarwari (Germany 2020)

Golden Horseman Youth Jury National Competition

JEIJAY by Maren Wiese and Petra Stipetić (Germany 2021)

Special Mention:
TROUBLED WATER (TRÜBES WASSER) by Elena Wiener (Germany 2020)

Saxon State Minister of Culture and Tourism Promotion Prize

DOOM CRUISE by Hannah Stragholz and Simon Steinhorst (Germany 2021)

DEFA Promotion Prize Animation

SERIAL PARALLELS by Max Hattler (Germany/Hong Kong 2019)

Cross-Competitive Awards

ARTE Short Film Prize

KHODA BIAMORZ (MAY SHE REST IN PEACE) by Nazgol Kashani (Germany/Iran 2020)

“fully political” – Short Film Award of the Saxon Centre for Political Education

MEX AND THE ANIMALS by Elisa Gleize (Canada 2020)

Special Mention:
OBERVOGELGESANG by Ferdinand Ehrhardt and Elias Weinberger (Germany 2020

Golden Horseman Sound Design

JUST A GUY by Shoko Hara (Germany 2020), Music/Sound: Chiara Strickland, Marc Fragstein, Luis Schöffend

LUCA Film Award for GenderEquality

AIVA by Veneta Androva (Germany/Bulgaria 2020)

Special Mention:
DUSTIN by Naïla Guiguet (France 2020)

Dresden Short Film Award of the German Film Critics Association

PLAY SCHENGEN by Gunhild Enger (Norway 2020)

Award in the Regional Competition

Regional Competition/Regional Film Night: Audience Award

KEEP SHIFTIN’ (SCHICHTELN) by Verena Wagner (Germany 2020)

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