The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses
The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses

Virgil Films will release “The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses” – an incredible story about America’s wild horses from their turbulent history to their uncertain future. Directed by Steven Latham and Conrad Stanley, the documentary will open theatrically nationwide on October 15th followed by an HD TVOD digital release.

“America’s wild horses are fighting their last stand,” said Executive Producer Robert Redford. “Increasing competition for our natural resources threatens our wilderness areas, our wild horses and other wildlife species. Horses are interwoven into the very fabric of what is America. What threatens them threatens us all.”

The Mustangs is a feature-length documentary that takes audiences on an odyssey throughout America to places few people have seen or even know about. There are more than 80,000 wild horses on our public lands and more than 50,000 in government corrals.

Centered around the history and current situation of these American icons, the film’s soundtrack features American musical icons including Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris and the original song “Never Gonna Tame You,” performed by Platinum-selling artist Blanco Brown and written by iconic songwriter Diane Warren.

Some of the stories shared across the film include taking a woman who has trained mustangs for more than 10 years out to the range so she can experience where they came from; an organization that pairs up mustangs and veterans with PTSD; the work of a woman named “Wild Horse Annie” who mobilized an army of children 50 years ago to protect wild horses and save them from the brink of extinction; a group of incredible women who are implementing a fertility control program on the range; and a sanctuary that reunites wild horses that were rounded up from the wild.

The film also highlights the work of Operation Wild Horse, an organization, that pairs mustangs and veterans with PTSD. Penske Media Corp Vice Chairman, Gerry Byrne, a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran and prominent veterans’ activist, comments, “The Mustangs highlights the importance of addressing the pressures of PTSD and the ‘hidden wounds of war’. I commend the film for showcasing the work of veterans who are making a difference.”

The Mustangs will also be premiering in October at the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Heartland International Film Festival, the Edmonton International Film Festival and Film Fest 919.

Watch the official trailer for The Mustangs: America’s Wild Horses.

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