Larry Flynt for President
Larry Flynt for President

Disfluency written and directed by Anna Baumgarten took the jury award for Best Narrative Feature, and Buried directed by Jared Drake and Steven Siig won for Best Documentary Feature at the 2021 Austin Film Festival (AFF).

The Audience voted the documentary Larry Flynt for President written and directed by Nadia Szold as Best Marquee Feature, Unsilenced, written and directed by Leon Lee as Best Narrative Feature and With This Breath I Fly, directed by Sam French and Clementine Malpas as Best Documentary Feature:

In total, this year there were 9 Jury Award winners, 11 Audience Award winners, and 18 script competition winners.

The Austin Film Festival ran from October 21 to October 28, 2021 offering film and conference programming both in-person and online. Next year’s Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference will be held from October 27 to November 3, 2022.

2021 Austin Film Festival Award Winners

Jury Award Winners

Narrative Feature: DISFLUENCY, written and directed by Anna Baumgarten

Documentary Feature presented by FloSports: BURIED, directed by Jared Drake and Steven Siig

Comedy Vanguard Feature: HOLIDAYS AT ALL COST, written and directed by Stevan Lee Mraovitch

Dark Matters Feature: JACINTO, written and directed by Javi Camino

Narrative Short: PLAY IT AGAIN, directed by Dan Abramovici, written by Liam Gareau and Myrthin Stagg

Narrative Student Short: UNMOTHERED, written and directed by Urvashi Pathania

Documentary Short presented by FloSports: WONDERFULLY MADE, directed by Benita Ozoude

Animated Short: RED SHOES, directed by Anna Paděrová, written by Anna Paděrová and Matěj Podskalský

Produced Digital Series: CARY IN RETROGRADE, written and directed by Priya Domfeh and Philipp Yaw

Enderby Entertainment Fellowship Award: FARANAK, written and directed by Mehrnoush Alia

Audience Award Winners

Marquee Feature: LARRY FLYNT FOR PRESIDENT written and directed by Nadia Szold

Narrative Feature: UNSILENCED, written and directed by Leon Lee

Documentary Feature: WITH THIS BREATH I FLY, directed by Sam French and Clementine Malpas

Dark Matters Feature: CRAM, written and directed by Abie Sidell

Comedy Feature: HOLIDAYS AT ALL COSTS, written and directed by Stevan Lee Mraovitch

Texas Independent Feature: BUCK ALAMO, written and directed by Ben Epstein

Narrative Short: JEFF CAN’T SWIM, written by Jon Ebeling, directed by Michaela Myers

Documentary Short: STREET REPORTER, written and directed by Laura Waters Hinson

Animated Short: THE SNOW BALL, written and directed by Rick MacDonald

Narrative Student Short: LAST STRIKE, written and directed by Zan Gillies

Produced Digital Series: FLUX, written by Alex DiBucci, directed by Jacob Stern and Alex DiBucci

Script Competition Winners

Drama Feature Screenplay Award presented by Writers Guild of America, East: ATALANTA by Amanda Smith

Comedy Feature Screenplay Award: OLIVER AND THE FIREFLY by Brandon Steiner

Horror Feature Screenplay Award: CAULIFLOWER by Daniel Jackson

Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay Award: MINIMUM COMFORTABLE DISTANCE by Steven Snell

Drama Teleplay Pilot Award: BLACKJACK by Emily Kim

Comedy Teleplay Pilot Award: CUDDLEBUG by Jenna-Marie Warnecke

Drama Teleplay Spec Award: MINDHUNTER: SOMETIMES THE DRAGON WINS by Peter Lee

Comedy Teleplay Spec Award: PEN15: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by Hannah Rae Dillon

Short Screenplay Award: THE GREAT WINGZINI by Shaun Radecki

Playwriting Award: FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A CANOE by Amy Dellagiarino

Fiction Podcast Award: PEARLS & PIE WITH GRETA by Jake Hart and Rebecca Ann Johnson

Digital Series Award: PLASMADROME by Kendra Viteri-Lynn and Phoebe Zimmerer

Enderby Entertainment Award: WHIZ BANG by Joshua Sheehan

AMC One-Hour Pilot Award: MEADERVILLE by Bryce Berkowitz

Warner Bros. Television Pilot Award presented by WarnerMedia: A WHOLE PRODUCTION by Pam Hugi and Jen Diamond

Rooster Teeth BIPOC Fellowship: HEART STRINGS by Jasper Chen

Rooster Teeth Women & Animation Fellowship: GREEN-WOOD: AN ANIMATED SERIES by Rebecca Louise Miller

Josephson Entertainment Fellowship: WERE By Carter Friend and LOST AND FOUND by Theresa Chiu

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