Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story - EarthX Film Festival 2022 lineup
Ben Masters’ Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story

EarthX Film Festival 2022 unveiled its lineup of over 75 feature-length and short films screening during its four-day run May 12-15 under the theme “A Celebration of the Outdoors.” This year for the first time, the EarthX Film Festival will be held in the Dallas Arts District, providing easy walking for attendees to the five theater venues tapping into the vibrant downtown community and making it an exciting cultural touchstone for the city. Each night of the Film Festival will feature a musical act performing before a showcase screening.

The festival’s opening night will be the world premiere of Ben Masters’ film Deep in the Heart, narrated by Academy Award® Winner Matthew McConaughey. The first feature-length wildlife film ever produced about Texas, Deep in the Heart, is a visually stunning celebration of what makes Texas unique — its diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife behavior that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Filmed over two years, Deep in the Heart showcases Texas’ breathtaking species and wild places, the connectivity of water and wildlife, and recognizes Texas’ conservation importance on a continental scale.

“Texas has one of the most diverse wildlife and ecosystems in the country. For Texans, this is a love letter to the diverse and vibrant state that we call home,” said Ben Masters, filmmaker. “We’re all interconnected, and it’s only by conserving what we have that we can ensure our future. I’m proud to bring Deep in the Heart to the EarthX Film Festival.”

The Festival has programmed several festival darlings in the lineup, including Sara Dosa’s Fire of Love, We Feed People, directed by Ron Howard, The Territory (Sundance Audience Award winner), Lucy Walker’s Bring Your Own Brigade, and Rachel Lears’ To The End.

This year’s Festival features a wide range of filmmakers, including award winners Jeff Orlowsky (Chasing Ice), Raj Patel & Zak Piper (The Ants and the Grasshopper), young superstar Lindsey Hagen (California Natural) and several newcomers, including two, second grade brothers making their first film with their father called Life in the Slow Lane. The films cover a variety of important topics, from the healing experience for veterans through nature (Eric and the Bees, Bastards’ Road), to female big wave surfing (Big vs Small), and tiger poaching (Tigre Gente). Also screening are popular outdoor culture films Reel Rock: Black Ice, The North Face’s award-winning film Learning To Drown, Spirit of the Peaks from REI and Protect Our Winters, and Mountain Revelations from Protect Our Winters.

This year’s festival turns a spotlight on Texas with Deep in the Heart that addresses Texas conservation issues, Battle for the Heart of Texas that addresses property rights in energy production, When It’s Food It’s Good, focusing on oil-drilling communities in West Texas, and REI’s Slim Pickins about diversity in outdoor culture.

Many of the Festival’s shorts are associated with well known brands and film companies including Patagonia’s Raised from the Earth about living off the land, and The Monster in our Closet which focuses on the plastic in our fashion. The Redford Center is presenting two short films on mass transit, Community Power Arizona: En Nuestrxs Manos (In Our Hands) and Community Power Nevada: Unidxs En Acción (United In Action).


Bastards’ Road, Director Brian Morrison
Battle for the Heart of Texas, Director John Brown
Before They Fall, Director Cam MacArthur
Big vs Small, Director Minna Dufton
REEL ROCK: Black Ice, Director Peter Mortimer, Zachary Barr
Bring Your Own Brigade, Director Lucy Walker
Chasing Ice, Director Jeff Orlowski
Coextinction, Director Gloria Pancrazi, Elena Jean
Deep in the Heart, Director Ben Masters
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, Director Bill Kroyer
Fire of Love, Director Sara Dosa
Godspeed, Los Polacos!, Director Adam Nawrot
Going Circular, Director Ricard Dale, Nigel Walk
Inhabitants, Director Costas Boutsikaris, Anna Palmer
Learning to Drown, Director Ben Knight
Mountain Revelations, Director Justin Fann
Newtok, Director Michael Kirby, Andrew Burton
Spirit of the Peaks, Director Connor Ryan, Tim Kressin
The Ants and the Grasshopper, Director Raj Patel, Zak Piper
The Territory, Director Alex Pritz
Tigre Gente, Director Elizabeth Unger
To the End, Director Rachel Lears
We Feed People, Director Ron Howard
Zero Gravity, Director Thomas Verrette


80° North, Director Brandon Holmes
All Bodies on Bikes, Director Zeppelin Zeerip
American Scar, Director Daniel Lombroso
An Eye for Detail, Director Matthew Harmer
Bad Boy of Bonsai, Director Juan A. Moreno
Breaking Trail, Director Jesse Roesler
California Natural, Director Lindsey Hagen
Camp Yoshi, Director Faith E. Briggs
Chasing the Sublime, Director Amanda Bluglass
Community Power Arizona: En Nuestrxs Manos (In Our Hands), Director Pita Juarez
Community Power Nevada: Unidxs En Acción (United In Action), Director Nico Cadena
Eric and the Bees, Director Erin Brethauer, Tim Hussin
Finding Gulo, Director Colin Arisman
From My Window, Director Frank Pickell
Humanity Has Not Yet Failed, Director Norma V. Toraya, Jared P. Scott
I am One of the People, Director Cameron Woodle
If I Tell Them, Director Oliver Sutro
Kāhuli, Director Chris Jones
Life in the Slow Lane, Director Sol de Glanville, Ben de Glanville
Like a River, Director Jim Aikman
Listen to the Beat of our Images, Director Audrey Jean-Baptiste, Maxime Jean-Baptiste
Loon, Director Jason Whalen, Chris Zuker
Mission Mountain, Director Kody Kohlman, Andrew Bydlon
Mother of the Sea, Director Nicholas Brown
Mylo, Director Chris Bukard
No Soy Oscar, Director Jon Ayon
Nuisance Bear, Director Jack Weisman, Gabriela Osio Vanden
One Star Reviews: National Parks, Director Alex Massey
Patagonia Provisions: The Ocean Solution Film, Director Darcy Hennessey Turenne
Raised from the Earth, Director Forest Woodard
Rebirth of a Reef, Director Shaun Wolfe
Return to Earth, Director Darcy Wittenburg, Darren McCoullough, Colin Jones
Rockies Repeat, Director Caroline Hedin
Slim Pickins, Director Justin Jeffers
The Captain, Director Gregory Kohs
The Diamond, Director Caitlyn Greene
The Endless Wave, Director Tom Attwater
The Interconnectedness of all Living Things, Director Jenn den Broeder
The Land of Griffons, Director Riccardo Soriano
The Last Last Hike, Director Celene Francois
The Monster in Our Closet, Director Kathryn Bays, Nicole Gormley
The Seeds We Keep, Director Gabriel E.W. Carter
The Seeker, Director Lance Edmands
The Wilderness Within, Director Jason van Bruggen
They Carry Us With Them: Gabriel Frey, Director Jeremy Seifert
Thomas Deininger. Trash Artist., Director Gnarly Bay
To Live Here (sống ở đây), Director Melanie Dang Ho
Wastewater: The Tale of Two Cities, Director Sarah Franke
We Decided to Become Farmers, Director Rob Herring, Ryan Wirick
What Remains, Director Paavo Hanninen
When It Comes from the Earth, Director Katalin Egely
When it’s Good it’s Good, Director Alejandra Vasquez

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