Happy F'K'IN Sunshine directed by Derek Diorio premieres at Dances With Films
Happy F’K’IN Sunshine directed by Derek Diorio

A foul-mouth comedy about a struggling metal band, Happy F’K’IN Sunshine will have its world premiere at this year’s 25th anniversary edition of Dances With Films film festival in Hollywood.

Directed by Derek Diorio, Happy F’K’IN Sunshine tells the story of Ronnie Weston and her brother Will who live in a one mill town. When the mill workers go on strike, the future for their family looks bleak. Fortunately, Ronnie has found a brisk business selling weed. When Will wants to start a band, Ronnie uses her weed profits to buy Will an electric guitar. Against everyone’s advice, Will enlists local outcast Artie Porter as the bass player. Artie spends his days allegedly partying with heavy metal icons and getting fellatio from rock and roll legends – or so he says. Artie’s lies cause instant conflict within the band, especially with Vince, the egotistical lead singer. But the musical chemistry is undeniable, and Will feels that his band just might hit the big time. If they can survive their dying town…and each other.

In the comic spirit of “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Metalhead,” the 98-minute dramedy stars Matt Close, Mattea Brotherton, Dana Hodgson, Connor Rueter, and Maxime Lauzon.

“Working with these phenomenal young performers has been one of the highlights of my career” says director Derek Diorio, “Seeing their raw talent bring the story to life on screen was inspiring.” “Growing up in a small industrial town, and knowing this life firsthand, it was very important to me that every actor brought an authentic voice to these characters,” says Ryan Keller. “I was stunned by their performances.”

Watch the trailer for Happy F’K’IN Sunshine.

Happy F’K’IN Sunshine will screen on Friday, June 10 at 9:30 PM at the TCL Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

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