Welcome, Violeta! (Bem-vinda, Violeta!) teaser trailer
Welcome, Violeta! (Bem-vinda, Violeta!) directed by Fernando Fraiha

Set to world premiere at the 2022 Brooklyn Film Festival, here is the teaser trailer for Welcome, Violeta! (Bem-vinda, Violeta!), the psychological thriller from Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Fraiha.

Welcome, Violeta! stars Argentine actor Darío Grandinetti as Holden, the charismatic leader of a writing residency set deep in the towering Argentine Andes mountain range. The film tells the story of Ana (played by Brazilian actress Débora Falabella), a young woman eager to complete her novella Violeta at the well-known “End of the World” literary laboratory.

Over the course of her stay at the remote residence, Ana becomes more and more familiar with Holden’s idiosyncratic methods that require the participating artists to abandon their own identities and live emotionally and psychologically as their characters. Captivated by her artistic investigation, Ana immerses herself wholly into the method and starts living as Violeta, until her fiction loses control.

Watch the teaser trailer for Welcome, Violeta!

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