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Last Dance by Delphine Lehericey
Last Dance by Delphine Lehericey

The 75th edition of the Locarno Film Festival ended over the weekend, and the audience selected Last Dance by Delphine Lehericey for the Prix du Public (audience award), while the seventies drama Annie Colère by Blandine Lenoir clinched the Variety Piazza Grande Award.

Last Dance by Delphine Lehericey is a moving study of grief and the role that art can play in people’s lives, regardless of their age. In the film, a retiree, Germain, suddenly finds himself a widower at 75. He doesn’t even have time to catch his breath before his family interferes in his daily life: constant visits and calls, pre-arranged meals… His life becomes timed like a Swiss watch! But Germain’s mind is elsewhere. Honoring a promise made to his wife, he is propelled into the heart of a contemporary dance creation…

The winner of the Variety Piazza Grande Award is Annie Colère by Blandine Lenoir, a film that pivots on its exploration of the female experience and one of the most political films presented in Piazza Grande. Director Blandine Lenoir transports us back to the 1970s, a passionate yet tender time for women’s struggle for abortion rights. February 1974. When she accidentally becomes pregnant, Annie, a working mother of two children, comes into contact with the MLAC; an organization that performs illegal abortions in broad daylight. Welcomed by the movement founded on tangible help for women and shared knowledge, Annie will find in the fight for the adoption of a law on abortion a new meaning to her life.

Annie Colère by Blandine Lenoir
Annie Colère by Blandine Lenoir

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