The Magic Flute movie official trailer and release date
The Magic Flute directed by Florian Sigl,

Jack Wolfe, F. Murray Abraham, Iwan Rheon, and Asha Banks star in The Magic Flute, a lavish fantasy adventure film and modern-day adaptation of Mozart’s opera.

Directed by Florian Sigl, The Magic Flute premiered at the 2022 Zurich Film Festival and opens in theaters nationwide on March 10th.

In The Magic Flute, a young man named Tim (played by Jack Wolfe of Shadow And Bone) embarks on two journeys. The first, a journey to attend Mozart All Boys Music School to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer. The second, a journey to a parallel world filled with fantasy and adventure. Upon his arrival at the prestigious boarding school, Tim is faced with a hostile headmaster (F. Murray Abraham of The White Lotus), the stress of first love, and self-doubt about his singing voice. However, when he discovers a mystical gateway in the school’s library, he is transported into the magical world of Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute, where imagination knows no bounds and the Queen of the Night (played by Sabine Devieilhe) reigns supreme.

Watch the official trailer for The Magic Flute.

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