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Code 12 by Melissa Tittl
Melissa Tittl with researcher Willia Henry in Code 12

Directed and presented by Melissa Tittl, Code 12, a new documentary on the secret nature of reality world premieres at the 7th annual MidWest WeirdFest.

“This film has been my research for the past 10 years on the idea of a matrix or living in a simulation. It spiraled into formidable places that connected in a pattern,” says Tittl. “As an investigative journalist, I never thought the stories I wrote, the cases I have investigated, and the places that drew my attention might all be part of a master plan, a plan designed by an unknown architect.”

The documentary features interviews with geneticists, archeologists, biblical scholars, and quantum physicists that have all picked up the same code in their work.

“I am very excited to share this film and I am also looking forward to sharing some weird thoughts with everyone at MidWest WeirdFest,” says Tittl. “Being normal is boring anyway.”

Melissa Tittl will be in attendance for the world premiere of Code 12, at the Micon Downtown Cinema on Saturday March 4, at 6:00pm. She will introduce her film, and partake in a special Q&A session following the screening.

Melissa Tittl is star and host of the popular TV series UFO Witness, former Head of Content and Development at the Gaia network, and an established journalist, producer, and documentarian.

The 7th annual MidWest WeirdFest takes place at Micon Cinemas in downtown Eau Claire, Wisconsin from March 3-5, 2023.

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