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Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory
Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory directed by Justinsuperstar

Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory from Emmy-Winning director Justinsuperstar (Double Digits: The Story of a Neighborhood Movie Star) will kick off its 2023 festival tour as the opening night film at the Milwaukee Film Festival on April 20, followed by stops at Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival and Doclands in Northern California.

The film is a touching and inspiring documentary that shows the power of love, perseverance, and innovation and is a must-see for anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer.

The documentary tells the story of Brian and Randi, a couple from the conservative town of Eau Claire, WI and their extraordinary journey to help Randi feel complete after her battle with breast cancer and subsequent mastectomy. Through Brian’s innovative and unorthodox solutions, the couple launches a project that grows from a labor of love into an unintended calling with the power to change thousands of lives through the sale of custom and handmade prosthetic nipples for their clients.

“I could not be more excited to return to my roots by premiering our film in Milwaukee. This is truly a Wisconsin story!” director Justinsuperstar said in a statement. “This film represents my most personal work and is the most important film I will ever create. Being able to not only show the film publicly but let viewers immerse themselves in my family’s story is humbling and a responsibility I take seriously.”

“Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory” captures the heart of Brian and Randi’s love story, nestled against the backdrop of a conservative community and further honed by the heart breakingly common struggle of breast cancer. The film delves into the day-to-day of the nipple factory business and the struggles the family faced in trying to keep it hidden from their community, including their long-time pastor.The film takes viewers on a journey through Brian’s many off beat solutions, from a bean-based estrogen-reducing diet to a fat-grafting reconstruction involving medical suction pumps.

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