Museum Of The Revolution official trailer and release date
Museum Of The Revolution directed by Srđan Keča

Described as “visually stunning, dreamlike and intimate,” the award-winning documentary film Museum Of The Revolution tells the story of a community living in the remains of an unfinished utopian project in Belgrade.

Directed by cinematographer Srđan Keča, making her feature directorial debut, the film had its world premiere at IDFA 2021, and went on to screen and win awards at other festivals including Best Feature – Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2023, Best Feature Documentary – Sarajevo Film Festival 2022; and will be released in the US, opening in NYC on Friday, May 19th at DCTV’s Firehouse Cinema.

“The wind got up in the night and took our plans away,””reads the proverb in the opening titles of Museum Of The Revolution. It’s a reference to the 1961 plan to build a grand museum in Belgrade as a tribute to Socialist Yugoslavia. Meant to “safeguard the truth” about the Yugoslav people, the plan never got beyond the construction of the basement.

The derelict building now tells a very different story from the one envisioned by the initiators 60 years ago. The cavernous, damp, pitch-dark space is inhabited by the outcasts of a society reshaped by capitalism: a precocious and energetic little girl who earns cash on the street by cleaning car windows with her mother, and their friend, an older woman also living in the basement.

Watch the official trailer for Museum Of The Revolution.

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