What Doesn't Float directed by Luca Balser official trailer and release date
What Doesn’t Float

Seven stories. One city. Circle Collective debuted the official trailer for What Doesn’t Float, described as “an anthology of New Yorkers at their wit’s end.” Across six vignettes, dark humor is used to emote the tragic state of being misunderstood.

Starring in the film are Pauline Chalamet, Larry Fessenden, Roger Howarth, Alexandra Templer, Lily Sondik, Mirlande Amazan, Annie Pisapia, Keith Poulson, Declanb Eells, Joel Nagle, Keren Lugo, Cindy De La Cruz, Amir Royale, and Tiffany Rothman.

Release Date

Directed by Luca Balser, What Doesn’t Float opens in theaters starting on September 22nd.


What Doesn’t Float is an ensemble feature that paints six lively vignettes with New York City as its canvas. Each vignette explores how our attachment to intention separates us from our present experiences, relies on the myth of fixed personalities, and stands in opposition to the real momentary nature of life. The vignettes showcase interactions between New Yorkers ranging from chance encounters to misguided romantic exploits and voyeuristic pursuits.

As a whole, the anthology uses dark humor to emote the tragic state of being misunderstood. The vignettes cascade into each other and sustain a flailing quality in which no character understands why or how they’ve arrived at their pivotal moment. Resembling a bad dream, events escalate to absurd conclusions.

Draped across New York City’s five boroughs, What Doesn’t Float unfolds in different neighborhoods. Water serves as manifest imagery and acts as a symbol for deeper themes explored throughout the narrative. Water is mysteriously vast; it can be unpredictable and dangerous. We lose our attachment to the Self in water’s expanse. We are forced to react in real time to shifts in the tide and the strength of the waves that carry us. (source)

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for What Doesn’t Float.

Theatrical Dates

September 22nd: NYC (Roxy Cinemas), in-person Q&As
October 6th: LA (Braindead Studios), in-person Q&As
October 13th: Seattle (The Beacon)
October 16th: Cincinnati (Woodward)

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