The Shadow of the Sun (La sombra del sol) by Miguel Ángel Ferrer
The Shadow of the Sun (La sombra del sol) by Miguel Ángel Ferrer

Miguel Ángel Ferrer’s The Shadow of the Sun (La sombra del sol), an inspiring tale about two impoverished brothers who long for a better life, has been selected as Venezuela’s Official Oscar® submission

Winner of the Best Latin American Film Award at the Monterrey Film Festival in Mexico and the Best International Film Award at the Georgia Latino Film Festival, the film had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF), and has played at other film festivals including AFI Latin American Film Festival and Venezuela’s National Film Festival.

The Shadow of the Sun (La sombra del sol) will have special US tour with select private and public screenings in New York and Los Angeles this fall, with the director in attendance.

Set in rural Venezuela, The Shadow of the Sun tells the story of Alex (Anyelo Lopez) a deaf young man, who asks his estranged older brother Leo (Carlos Manuel Gonzales), a construction worker with a musical past, to join him in a musical contest that may forever change their lives. Haunted by financial debt and problems at home, Leo has no other choice but to take the leap of faith and unearth his dormant musical talent, find a way to make it to this contest, and be his younger brother’s voice, so that the world may finally hear him.

One of the first and only Venezuelan films to star a deaf actor in a leading role, Ferrer’s feature film was inspired by his upbringing in Caracas. “We want to show the world the resilience, joy, and creativity of the Venezuelan people,” says the director, “that despite the difficulties and challenges we face on a daily basis, our spirit never ceases to dream for a better tomorrow.” Both brothers in the film push and complement each other in different ways, in a duet performance that reminds us of the power of family.

A touching and heartfelt story about brotherhood and following one’s dreams, The Shadow of the Sun is a film that shows us how the harsh realities of Venezuela—economic crisis, homophobia, and ableism—may be outshone by optimism, hope, and music. A film that won’t look at Latin Americans as victims, but as heroes of their own story.

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