Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry in Treasure official trailer and release date
Treasure (courtesy Bleecker Street)

Lena Dunham is an American journalist who travels to Poland with her father, a Holocaust survivor, played by Stephen Fry to visit his childhood places, in the comedy drama film “Treasure“.

Based on the 1999 novel Too Many Men by Lily Brett, the movie also stars Zbigniew Zamachowski, Tomasz Wlosok, Wenanty Nosul, Iwona Bielska, and Maria Mamona.

Release Date

Directed by Julia von Heinz, Treasure world premiered at the 2024 74th Berlin International Film Festival, followed by the international premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Festival, and will open in theaters on June 14, 2024.


A father-daughter road trip set in 1990s Poland, Treasure follows Ruth (Dunham), an American music journalist, and her father, Edek (Fry), a charmingly stubborn Holocaust survivor, on a journey to his homeland. While Ruth is eager to make sense of her family’s past, Edek embarks on the trip with his own agenda. This emotional, funny culture clash of two New Yorkers exploring post-socialist Poland is a powerful example of how reconnecting with family and the past can be an unexpected treasure.


Variety review gave the film a lukewarm reception, writing, “Ruth, as a character, alternates frustratingly between writerly perceptiveness and more stereotyped neuroses. Dunham plays her with an admirable lack of easy sympathy, letting a gradually overwhelming sadness pool beneath her tetchy surface, but it’s hard not to miss her perverse precision as a writer here. Fry, meanwhile, offers contrastingly shaggy warmth, though the obvious put-on of his ripe Polish accent makes his casting more a distraction than a coup in a story so pointedly about heritage and personal truth. It’s the film’s Polish supporting players who bring welcome lived-in texture to proceedings: Zamachowski, years on from his leading role in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s “Three Colors: White,” is a good-humored sidekick whose silent, flinty observation of the leads’ quarrels is clearly felt, while Iwona Bielska is wily and gently piercing as a one-night stand who puts Edek’s various strains of grief in subtle perspective.”

Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Treasure.

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