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Clara Rugaard, Lewis Pullman star in Press Play official trailer
Clara Rugaard, Lewis Pullman star in Press Play [credit: Jae Hyuk Lee]

The Avenue debuted the official HD trailer for Press Play, the music-filled romance drama film starring Clara Rugaard, Lewis Pullman, Lyrica Okano, Christina Chang, Matt Walsh, Danny Glover.

In the film, Clara Rugaard stars as a young woman, who, after discovering that a mixtape has the power to go back in time, does everything she can to try and save the love of her life.

Directed by Greg Björkman, Press Play opens in theaters, on digital and demand on June 24, 2022.

Laura (Clara Rugaard) and Harrison (Lewis Pullman) have the picture-perfect romance built on the foundation of a shared love of music. After a deadly accident, Laura is given the chance to save the love of her life when she discovers that their mixtape can transport her back in time. Featuring a moving soundtrack with songs by Japanese Breakfast, Father John Misty, Dayglow and more, Press Play reminds you that love can always be replayed.

Watch the official trailer for Press Play.

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