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Director Alejandro Brugués’ film Juan Of The Dead won the coveted Lexus Audience Award at the just concluded 29th annual Miami International Film Festival (MIFF).

“It’s a great honor for my film to have been chosen by the audience and that I was able to share this amazing moment with my family and friends,” said Brugués. “I love Miami and would like to thank the Festival for all its support.”

Juan Of The Dead follows Juan (Alexis Díaz de Villegas) and some of his friends as they realize something is amiss in Havana, which is gradually being taken over by zombies. As the social order begins to crumble, the two launch a thriving business, hiring themselves out to people who need to put their beloved ones out of their zombie misery.

Juan of the Dead will make its U.S. theatrical debut starting today, Tuesday, March 13th, opening in Miami and subsequently expanding to other markets.




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