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The Sleepwalkers (Los Sonámbulos)
The Sleepwalkers (Los Sonámbulos)

The Argentinian film, The Sleepwalkers (Los Sonámbulos), written and directed by Paula Hernández, and starring Érica Rivas (WILD TALES), Ornella D’Elia, Marilu Marini, Luis Ziembrowsky, Daniel Hendler (FAMILY LAW, QUEENS), Valeria Lois, Rafael Federman will World Premiere, at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

Luisa (Érica Rivas) has conceded to yet another summer holiday at her husband’s family cottage, but she worries about their daughter, Ana (Ornella D’elía), whom she’s discovered sleepwalking naked in their home. Smart, beautiful, and increasingly moody, Ana is in the throes of puberty but looks older — enough to draw the attention of her flirtatious cousin Alejo (Rafael Federman). While Ana negotiates the space between herself and Alejo, Luisa struggles to find sufficient breathing room in her marriage. She projects an air of contentment, but inside she’s yearning for change.

With three generations of extended family surrounding them, both Luisa and Ana search for private spaces where they can reorient themselves. Neither wants to make a scene, but they also don’t want to feel as though they’re passing through life unconsciously. As secrets are exposed and the demands on them fail to relent, Luisa and Ana will each be forced to fully vent their frustrations. Produced by Juan Pablo Miller, Santiago López. Sales: Meikincine.

THE SLEEPWALKERS (Los Sonámbulos) Trailer 
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