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SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT directed by Svetlana Cvetko
SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT directed by Svetlana Cvetko

Show Me What You Got, the award-winning directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Svetlana Cvetko, will open on the Labz Live platform and via theatrical partners on February 12, and continue throughout the Valentine’s week.

Screen Forward’s founding members include the Sie Film Center in Denver, CO, Loft Cinema in Tucson, AZ, Montclair Film in Montclair, NJ and Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY. Additional participating theaters include The Roxie in San Francisco and Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles. More cities will be announced in January.

Three late-twentysomethings come together to create a wholehearted ménage à trois in this playfully erotic tale that sparks with the restless energy of the French New Wave. In a richly filmed black-and-white Los Angeles, each member of the threesome is in transition: fun-loving Marcello (Mattia Minasi) from under the thumb of his Italian soap star father, soulful French-Iranian actor Nassim (Neyssan Falahi) toward a more fulfilling career, and artist Christine (Cristina Rambaldi) through the grief following the death of her grandfather. The frolicsome trio finds joy and release together—exploring their sexuality, joining political protests, making art, and falling deeper into their unconventional amour—until Marcello must return to Italy and their experience there threatens the delicate balance of their relationship.

Director Svetlana Cvetko is renowned for her Cinematography work on a list of critically acclaimed documentaries, including OSCAR® winner Inside Job, OSCAR® nominated Facing Fear, the Cannes Official Selection Red Army, and the Sundance US Documentary Special Jury Prize winning Inequality For All. She adeptly captures this love affair with a deliciously modern Jules et Jim flair, combining tenderness, artistry, and three fresh and appealing leads.

The cast of Show Me What You Got is a combination of established European actors with breakthrough performances from up-and-coming international players: two-time Cesar winning Anne Brochet has a cameo as the mother to newcomer Neyssan Falahi of Swiss-Iranian descent; well-known Italian TV star Pietro Genuardi plays the father of the film’s greatest discovery, Mattia Minasi in his first role. Cristina Rambaldi, the female lead, is the granddaughter of Carlo Rambaldi, Oscar winning creature designer of E.T. and Aliens.

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Eric Avery, founding bassist of Jane’s Addiction and touring member of the band Garbage. Eric’s past credits as composer include The 11th Hour and We the People 2.0.

Svetlana Cvetko, Director and Cinematographer commented:

I made this film because I wanted to tell the story of three young millennials who challenge and question the social norms surrounding love, and expand acceptance beyond its current boundaries – acceptance of who we are and who we love.

The film’s main character, Christine, is a strong, empowered woman who is comfortable in her own skin. She knows how to say no in her relationships, but she’s also secure enough to know when to say yes as well. The film touches on the themes of sexual equality, female empowerment, sex positivity, polyamory, questioning, and the immigrant experience.

Performing as both Director and DP, I wanted our characters to live in a film world that breaks the traditional rules of filmmaking to accompany their spirit of rebelling against social norms. So, while operating the camera, it was important for me to feel almost as another character experiencing an intimacy with the actors, but the camera also has an omnipotent perspective and steps back at some moments, creating a sense of living realism where not only the performances but also the environments seep into our awareness and emotions.

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